Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Last Saturday I placed an order to Cherry Culture (a pretty cheap cosmetics shop) and FINALLY got my stuff last night. I wanted to try out this NYX brand, so I bought a ton of their lip-glosses and lipsticks (I looked in my purse and I had like 10 lip glosses floating around in there…then I found an apple and knew it was time to clean out my messy purse).

I was in the process of taking pictures of all the stuff, and then thought I am not a beauty blogger (actually I was being lazy and took like 2 pictures and was over that idea). I love eye shadow in a major way, and got two of these Amuse compacts for under 5.00.

This morning when I tried to use the eye shadow I realized why they were so cheap. The shadow is a little weird and doesn’t really show up that great. I think I will just stick to my Urban Decay (best eye shadows EVER!!)

I also ordered a ton of the NYX round lipsticks and after going through everything, realized I ordered the color REA twice. If someone wants it (its going to much of a hassle to send it back…it was only 2.00) let me know and I will send it out. The color is very neutral and I think can work on every skin color (I made the BF let me try it on him, to prove this theory…LOL). I found this picture on line, to give you an idea, so holla and its yours!!

I also have a little tradition for myself for on Tuesdays. Since new music releases on that day, I always try to find one new artist and give them a whirl. I came across this chick Caitlin Crosby after looking through a few related artists of a few of my favorites.

I have listened to the whole album about 20 times, I am loving her music, because it’s really relatable. I think you should check her out.
PS - Make sure to check out the cute giveway Life is Better in Heels hosting!!


  1. I found your blog off of another blog I read. I'd love the Rea lipstick by NYX.

  2. OMG I love lost but i guess it called for an acquired should try it! give it a season!


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