Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekend Recap...

Project Fix Fat Ass Week 1 Update (01-03-10/01/10/10)

Goal – 20lbs
Pounds Lost – 3

Things have been looking pretty good so far, I was stoked when I got on the scale and saw 3 pounds less. I’ve been eating a lot better and drinking more water than Nemo, which seems to be helping a lot. The calorie king book I bought has really come in handy; it has stopped me from some disastrous meals. On the real side, its amazing the amount of calories you can consume in one meal.

Last Monday I was pumped to do my workout, I got on my cute little outfit, headband and matching sweatbands (I mean if your going to do it…at least be cute about it) and got ready to go. Surprisingly Loco stayed out of the way, as I think he was scared of what was to come. I turned on the video and lets just say it was Horrible. I started with the Biggest Loser” 30 Day Jump-start and what a disappointment. The chick hosting the video had no personality and kept getting tired in the middle of the workout…um, lady your supposed to be motivating my lazy butt, I did about 15 minutes, before I couldn’t take it anymore. I ended up taking the other one back to the store and now I am in the search for a new workout video. A friend of mine suggested the “Flirty Girl” workout videos.

I know you guys have seen the infomercials for these videos; basically it’s stripping to lose weight. Just an FYI for everyone…I am not really the swirl around a pole type of girl, for Profit or Health. I just don’t see me being into this video, so I am open to any other sensible suggestions.

The BF and I took in two movies (and I will openly admit I had my buttery popcorn at both movies….I did get a small though, so I should get some props for that) over the weekend



Youth in Revolt.

First of all I didn’t even know Ethan Hawke was still alive, so that was a shock. "Daybreakers" made me jump a few times, but towards the end I was like really… ”great” ending, but it’s a new twist on the vamp story!! "Youth in Revolt" was cute and funny, I think I could have been just as happy seeing it on Netflix though.

The BF mentioned to me about doing a Vegas trip for my birthday (which is on the 19th of next month…so feel free to start shopping now!!) That was one of the things I wanted to scratch off my list for 2010, so I was pumped.

Here is where the problem comes in for….(start playing sad music…you know the kind they use to always play towards the end of Full house, when you were going to learn a lesson) I suffer from agoraphobia . I not as bad as though people who are scared of leaving their house, but I get high anxiety in situations I can’t control. That being, its been years since I’ve been in an elevator, I get nervous every time I go into the mall ( I have to know where at least one exit is, Ikea used to be the worse...if you have ever been in one those before) sometimes I even get anxiety when I am a passenger in a car and the driver is someone I don’t know or trust (its that fear that I can’t get them to pull over if I need them too). I went to therapy for it, and was told as long as it doesn’t cripple my life, then I am fine. So, far I’ve been able to take the stairs and drive when I want to travel.

But as I get older, I feel like its holding me back, from experiencing so many things…like my trip. Just sitting here typing and thinking about getting into a plane is making me shake, and that’s so upsetting to me. I am going to start looking to maybe some new therapy or medications , because I want to start living my life. I don’t want to always be the person holding the purses, because I am too scared to take that chance. I do feel blessed, because in the past the relationship I was in I was always felt to be a drama queen, like it was all in my head. There was no support regarding the issue and it was so frustrasting. Now, I have someone who is always there to hold my hand in my time of panic and calm me BF has never made me feel like I am crazy, he just wants me to be safe...and sane...and I am thankful everyday for that.

Well I will keep you guys updated on all of my issues and thanks for reading.


  1. So glad to hear you're getting on track with eating and exercise. I'm heading back in the positive direction too grrr sometimes it can be sooo unnecesarily difficult! Good Luck!

  2. congrats on losing 3 lbs, that is really good. i do not have agoraphobia but IKEA definitely makes me uncomfortable. don't ever ever do toys r us doorbusters at midnite. anyway u should definitely go to vegas, it's a lot of fun and i'm sure you should be able to get some meds for the plane. it's not like u need it all the time, just for situations like that. that's really a common problem, just make sure u see a real dr. and they can help u. i don't think u need therapy but then again i'm no expert. good luck!

  3. aw sweets,i feel for you with your must be really hard to deal with.i think it's definitely worth looking into some therapy to help you conquer it,as i know you can!but sometimes we all need a little help to conquer our demons.besides you're too bubbly and fun a person to be held back in life by anything!

    i saw youth in revolt earlier (streamed) and loved it!i though sheena was a bit of a bitch but michael cera was amazing in it!

    just streaming daybreakers now,so i hope i enjoy it!the trailer looks awesome at least!

    really random,but everytime i am out shopping and i see anything hello kitty,i think of you!crazy,as we've never met and we live in two different countries,but kinda cool i think!x

  4. Congrats on your weight loss! It's so rewarding when efforts pay off.

    Have you considered joining the YMCA? My local Y is super-affordable (I think I only pay $20 a month for my membership) and I have access to all kinds of classes. I'd highly recommend Zumba. It's so fun that you really don't feel like you're working out. As far as videos go, I do Jillian Michael's 30-Day-Shred. Was she the one getting tired in your other video? I find that the video gives me a good workout--and it's short! Bonus.

    Going to Vegas sounds like fun. Can you guys drive instead of flying? I'd say see about getting some medicine to calm your anxiety, but I don't want to make light of the situation. I know little about behavioral therapy, but I'm sure this is no easy/quick fear to conquer.

    Keep us posted on your plans and your continued weight loss :)


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