Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Recap...

So, I skipped right over doing a Christmas follow-up post, due to my excitement about the Teen Witch video. My Christmas was great, it started out a little awkward, due to the fact that I have to return all of the BF's stuff for various reasons, but I am hoping to get him a Wii in the next few days. I loved everything he got me which included the following

(Loco wanted to show off his Holiday Spirit and I wanted to test out this cool App)

I bought the BF “The Hangover” on DVD, but ended up getting it on BlueRay instead of regular DVD. The day after Christmas we went to about 4 Targets looking for that stupid movie to exchange it. Since it was a DVD they wouldn’t allow us to refund it (even though I had the receipit and it was unopened) at one point I was thinking about having my mail forwarded to Target, because we were there so much. One thing that did catch my eye was the insanely cute Valentines Day stuff they were slowly bringing out. Target has the BEST selection of Valentines Day stuff, so I get super excited when its that time of the year. I got a ton of stuff for my kitchen, so I took some pictures (please excuse my poor little apartment kitchen)

Now its time to plan for New Years Eve....are you doing anything fun?


  1. holy crap they didn't have half as much as that when I went to target! i'm definitely going to another target to get more cupcake jars!

    adorably cute pink kitchen btw!

  2. Hello kitty lives inside your kitchen! All the equipments are adorable. I've seen that toaster before, it gives you toasted hello kitty face bread.

    Happy new year~~~ May there be lots of love, joy and hello kitty stuffs going your way! :D


  3. I just recently fell in love w/target I simply can not walk in without buying something! Love the kitchen stuff! All those cute little cupcakes! Have a happy new Years!

  4. Awww I am SO jealous you got a sewing machine! And all of your cupcake stuff that you got is adorable! <3

  5. WHOA!! are those cupcake jars from Target??? I AM SO THERE if they are!!

    Love your kitchen -- so cute!! :)


  6. You're too cute for words!! I loved everyones comments on here and enjoyed catching up on your posts since I have been MIA lately :) Looks like life is treating you well lady Here's to a Happy 2010 xxoo

  7. Target has the BEST selection of Valentines Day stuff, so I get super excited when its that time of the year.

    I totally agree. Your kitchen looks so cute. ugh. I'm a little jealous.

  8. Your kitchen is to die for!
    I love Hello Kitty. I went to Hong Kong in 2008 and 2009 and both times I HAD to visit SOGO, which is a huge Japanese dept. store, and it has an insane amount of Sanrio goods! I loved it.



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