Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Martha Stewart's Cupcakes Book

So, I love Martha Stewart. I mean any chick that can stand her own in jail and come out and make a badass brownie is a winner in my book. Well I have all of her books and next Tuesday her newest book is available. Cupcakes equal L-O-V-E for me, so to find out Martha is doing a book dedicated to nothing but Cupcakes, is INSANE!!
The book looks like it’s going to be on the same lines as her cookie book, which was also awesome.

Since Monday I've been receiving an email for the "Cupcake of the Day" from her website. If your into baking, cupcakes or just want to drool a bit, check her website.


  1. OMG!! Her cupcakes have been killing me, that book is seriously going to finish me off haha. I can't wait though. I'm ALLLLL about cupcakes and a entire book dedicated to them from the Goddess Martha? Pulease, I'm so owning it haha <3 Thanks for sharing... I LOVE it.

  2. yummmm, that chocolate cupcake looks so good!

  3. you might like this blog:

  4. They are like totally fat free right...... hahaha yeah I WISH!!! They look sooooo good :)

  5. I ♥♥♥ her CupCakes, like seriously!

    *PS i just realised i wasn't following you (up until now)!

    Silly me!

  6. Hey! yeah I am seriously excited about this book too, I often use Martha's recipes for cupcakes, she is a truely amazing woman!


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