Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bored at Work!!!

So, I am at work minding my own business eating some Red Vines. I swear 10 people walked by my desk asking me for a Twizzler and I am like these are Red Vines (which is 100% times better). Not one person in this office knew what a damn Red Vine, I start to think are you all crazy people (well its been established that I work with a bunch of nuts) how can you not know what Red Vines are, how has your life been complete.

It’s always crazy when something you love is off the radar for other people. The only thing I can think of it’s a regional thing, since I am originally from Missouri.

I’ve created a short list of Things Miss Kitty Loves that it seems no one in Austin has ever heard of before:

1. Red Vines
2. Ruby Red Squirt
3. Hardee’s Resturant – Not Carl Jr’s, but Hardee’s


  1. I actually am one of the drones in the world that hasn't experienced a Red Vine.

    I do love a Twizzler.

  2. I demand you go out TODAY and purchase a bag of Red Vines!!!

  3. i've seen red vines before but i have never had one. i've also seen a hardee's before, but i can't remember where and we don't have them here (long island).
    never heard of the ruby red squirt stuff!

  4. We don't have Hardee's on the west coast. And I could be completely wrong but wasn't the red vine invented before the twizzler? I LOVE red vines. Far better in my opinion.

  5. I am crying for you all that have never been able to exprience these things!!

  6. dude, hardees is the bomb. they are all over the midwest and better than carl's jr. even though i think they are the same thing. try culver's and in-n-out if you ever can, they will BLOW u away.


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