Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Twilight Movie...

So, I am behind the news curve and just came across this article about the lady in St. Louis who found the Twilight script in the trash. According to the article, the lady found the scripts for the new “Twilight” movie and another movie called “Memoirs”. Being a good citizen she quickly returned them back to the entertainment company and in exchange in for her good deed she was invited to the premiere for movie.

Now there is no reason for me to lie, I got a thing for a Vampire named Edward Cullen, and I can admit it!! So, that got me thinking how different my actions would have been from this chick’s, as I would have used this chance of a lifetime as leverage. Below you will find my letter to the Entertainment Company.


From the Desk


Miss Kitty

Dear Entertainment Company:

Today I came across two important documents that I think you would like to get back. I would love to return these documents too you, so they don’t fall in the wrong hands, but require the following things:

1. Robert Pattison (all Vampired out)

2. Zac Efron (you know when I get bored with Robert)

3. My hour with Oprah

4. actually forget Oprah I want my own show “The Miss Kitty Show”

5. To replace Kristen Stewart as Bella ( I think a little color in your movie will do it some good)

6. A lifetime supply of Red Vines and Ruby Red Squirt

I expect all my demands to be meet in a timely manner. If they are not meet, I will have no choice but to splash this script all over the Internet. Please feel free to contact me, and have a pleasant day!

Hugs and Kisses,

Miss Kitty

* I think I will put it on Scented Hello Kitty Letterhead, I don't want it to seem to harsh*


  1. I love this postt!
    I agreee!
    and Thanks sooo much 4 the comment on my VLOG!



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