Friday, May 22, 2009

Party Like its 1999!!

So, I got an email today in regards to my 10-year high school reunion. After having a nervous breakdown at the thought of being out of high school for 10 years, I started thinking. I have no desire to attend this Hot Mess!!! I mean I didn’t want to be around most of those people 10 years ago, what makes them think I want to “party it up like its 1999” with them now! Plus 99% of the people I graduated with still live in our small town, which doesn’t say too much for a town known for its cows and Meth Labs!!

So, What was Miss Kitty doing 10 years ago as a senior in High School:

1. Being accepted to St. Louis University (Go Billikens!!)

2. Dating the guy, who 4 years later I would Marry and 5 years later would Divorce

3. Driving a Candy Apple Red Chevy Cavalier

4. Weighing about 40lbs less…LOL!!

5. Lusting over Gavin Rossdale circa Bush

6. Jamming to the Cranberries

7. Being best friends with the future Mrs. Banks (whom I’ve known since 2nd grade, and is still my bestie today!!)

*Note this picture is from 7th grade and
yes those are Starter jackets!!

8. Sporting the Brandy micro braids

9. Getting my first tattoo

10. Praying that I would be a fabulous kick- ass person in 10 years…(Yes, Dreams do come true..LOL)

Looking back at 10 years ago, I can’t say I would change the path my life has taken. Those adventures, trials and tribulations have made me the person I am today.


  1. AnonymousMay 22, 2009

    haha so cute that you went down memory lane.... you should still go just for the heck of it!

  2. Awww now I'm just wondering what I would be like in 10 years!

  3. Hey! Glad you liked the Te Amo Card. Don't know if you saw this bust since you like pink I thought you may like this post I did--

  4. I graduated in 1999 too, I just like to show up at events to show people I still got But, really I don't want to see half those people. Cute pics!


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