Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weekend Update....

Okay, I know I am few days behind, but better late than never! The event in Dallas was so much fun. The BF and I were dressed to impress, and I tried to be a big girl and were heels the whole night, that was a painful lesson!!

There were a lot of people in attendance and tons of activities were going on throughout the day. There were also some really cool vendors that had booths set up, so of course I was compelled to shop. I bought the coolest Hot Pink feather headband from Tara to the T, and the girls selling were dressed up the cutest vintage stewardess outfits.

Another company that caught my eye was Jupiter Moon 3, which specializes, in custom corsets, which made me realize…I need one. I love that look of small waists and big boobs!!!

Also, to my surprise they did a huge Burlesque show toward the end of the night. There were a variety of performers in all shapes and sizes. Also, to my excitement there was a black burlesque performer name Honey Coco Bordeauxx, who did a really good show!! Something rather funny we made note of was the fact that 95% of the dancers who attended the event were from Austin, how random!!

The rest of the weekend was nice and relaxing (except for those crazy Dallas drivers). I did get to go to Sprinkles Cupcakes and I have to say **YUCK**. I am sorry people; those cupcakes were not all that great. There are a handful of places here in Austin that are way better. I have to give a show-out to my favorite hometown place “ Polkadots Cupcake Factory”. Omg….if you ever come to Austin you have to visit this place, it’s the best ever. Plus the owners are beyond sweet!

When I stop being lazy I plan to post some pictures I took at the event! I posted some of the links to a few of the vendors and my favorite dancer!

PS....Something fun my sister found a generator to make your own Burlesque name:
**Post what you came up with***



  1. You have a very nice blog!

  2. i completely agree about the overrated sprinkles. are they open in TX now? my husband and i lived in beverly hills before we moved and there was always a line of like 4o people out the door there and we were like WTH? the frosting was like way too thick and they were like $5 each and i never understood it because i know that all the women in line were just shoving them in their face and then would certainly go puke them up. also they sold "shots" of frosting. it was SICK. pinkberry yogurt is actually ok though, if that ever comes to TX it's not overrated.


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