Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pecan Festival

Just came back from the Pecan Festival downtown. I love street festivals, because of the all great street food, and I got my fair share of it today:

1. A Jumbo corndog
2. Cave man size Turkey leg
3. Brautwurst
4. and I washed it all down with a SMALL bag of kettle corn:

Another fun thing about these festivals is the fun sight seeing you get to do, here are some the fun things that caught my eye:

1. Weave in the street
This just boggled my mind, how the HELL do you loose your weave in the middle of the street. I mean was this person walking down the street and felt their weave get loose and just said "Oh well guess I will just toss it". I felt bad for the poor little weave, and brought it home, if anyone is looking to adopt a nice piece a weave please send me an email.....Just kidding!!!
2. Worst looking Drag Queen.......EVER!!!!!!

I almost knocked over a small child to get a picture of this guy. The only words I can describe his look was HOT MESS!!! I mean I am all for Drag Queens, but this guy should get his membership revoked ASAP.

Today was a fun day, but it was Hot as Hades outside, so our visit to the festival was short lived. I am now sitting in the AC enjoying my yummy Sonic Limeade and about to go the movies!
Hope you all had a great weekend!!!


  1. AnonymousMay 03, 2009

    HAHAHA!!! Weave in the street : )

  2. you should have picked up the weave and waved it around asking who lost it. then asked for a ten dollar finders fee. haha i love pecans.

  3. You know what is funny, I don't remember seeing anything regarding pecans at the whole festival...LOL

  4. LOL @ the weave on the street.

  5. Hahahaha....At the weave in the street...Loving your blog

  6. Lol you are so funny. Weave in the street. And I agree, that drag queen is giving drag queens a bad name! :(

  7. I am totally cracking up! What a funny post.. that little bag of popcorn! OH YUM!

  8. Hey, just stumbled across your blog...very entertaining! i love it :) I love festivals too.


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