Saturday, May 9, 2009

Prison Time

I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to go to prison. I am sitting here watching Lock-Up Raw, and compared to these prisoners I am starting to feel like I am being cheated in life. These people are getting free food, education, job training, medical and a roof over their heads. They even have TV in their cells; it’s like a day spa over there. Just lock me up in my own cell and slap some cucumbers over my eyes and I am good to go!!!

But being honest, I am way too lazy to do the work to get put in prison....oh well!! One thing I did find kind of crazy, was the release of this guy who had been locked up for 24 years to be released due to DNA proving he didn't commit the crime. I mean what do you say to someone that you've take 24 years of thier life away..... Our Bad". I would be so pissed, I would end up back in jail for putting a hurting on those people....LOL!!!

Also, for anyone who watches trashy reality tv like me, some kooky prison news for you. I read today that Saaphyri from Flavor of Love and I Love Money 2 is in jail. She listed her prison mailing address on Twitter (Who needs Twitter in jail....LOL) so her "fans" can write her:

Saaphyri Wanda Scott
X359545 C.I.W. Barnerberg B 1137 Low 16756
Chino Corona Rd. Corona, CA 92880


  1. wtf is she is jail for..haha. beating up 20 pack

  2. O M G...Yr blog is HI. LAR. IOUS. I almost peed my pants when I read that weave in the street post. Thanks for stopping by and commenting; I had to come over and see who was bleeding pink...

  3. AnonymousMay 10, 2009

    MAAAAAAAAAAAN I have to pay for internet and cable! That's bullshit!


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