Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Weekend Recap...

So, my little baby is doing Great. The BF took him to the vet for me on Friday and we found out he had an ear infection; they gave us some eardrops and ear wash (that smells like yummy sweet peas) to help it go away. I feel so bad for him, he has not been his normal rotten self, and I can’t wait until he is 100% again.
Surprisingly I spent more on him this weekend than I did on myself. He got a ton of new treats and toys to make his recovery better. We did go to the mall, but I actually left with only one bag.  I saw this....

and it was totally screaming my name, but that $400.00 price tag was screaming WAY LOUDER!!!

Oh, Warning if stop into Bath and Body Works and they ask you to smell their new scent,
which looks like this…

PLEASE DON’T I Swear it actually smells like this!!

We saw “Knight and Day” with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. It was actually pretty funny, and it didn’t make me want to vomit at the sight of Tom Cruise! If you’re looking for a funny movie with action, I would highly recommend it.

We also went to this pizza place called RedBrick Pizza, and it was so medicore. 


Dominos would have been better.  At least it looked pretty!

I also took my sewing course and had a blast (other than having to get up at 7:30 on a Sunday…BOO!!)  The place I took it at was called Stitch Lab and it was the cutest joint.  Tell me this place is not darling!!

I was shocked that my project actually came out looking like this.

Next week we will do a pillow, but I have so many ideas popping into my head, and just have to get the Gumption (yes I said gumption) to start making things…PROJECT RUNAWAY here I come (stop laughing people…miracles can happen!!).

PS - Guess who was nice to me in the Stairwell this morning...LOL!


  1. I love your dress and your makeup dear.

  2. That dress is too cute!! Love it with the sneaks. AND I want to take a sewing class, like NOW.

  3. Awe the bag came out so cute! Good for you! Love your cute outfit. :) Sucky that the pizza only looked pretty because it looks really good. :)

  4. LOL @ the bath and body works comment! LOL

    YAY for your sewing! You CAN do it!!! I started with pillows lol.

  5. I want your dress. Where did you get it from? I need to learn to sew beyond my stitching a button!

  6. I'm sending some get well wishes to your pup! Hopefully he'll feel better very soon. I wish I could go to your sewing class with you! The place does look adorable, and I love the little bag you made. I actually have a sewing machine, but it's in storage at my mom's house. A lot of good that does me!

    To answer your question about where to buy my work, you can check out my shop at www.Hollyrocks.etsy.com to see what's available. However, I LOVE doing custom orders, so if there's something special you've got in mind just let me know!

  7. Do you think he is on to you about the gum??? :)

    LOVE your bag!


  8. i want to see that movie!!! i remember seeing the preview when i went to see eclipse. after it ended, someone in the theatre yelled "that would be so good if it didn't have tom cruise in it!"

    oh and lotion that smells like cigs? sick! no thank you!

  9. Hey there!! What lipstick brand are you earing in that cute pic above?

  10. I love your dress!!! you look so pretty!
    and omg that coach purse...seen it at the mall yesterday as well and I want it!!


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