Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Weekend Recap....

The weekend was so much fun, but I always have a blast when hanging out with my sister.

We did a little mini Tru Blood party for her birthday, which included these Vanilla Cupcakes dyed BLOOD RED with Chocolate Buttercream.

And these (which I made using some labels I created and Cranberry Juice...Watch out Martha!!)

We did a TON of shopping and had frozen yogurt at the cutest shop called "Menchies" 

Then this total CREEPER who worked there started hitting on me (right in front of the BF). The guy was like 100 and kept trying to talk to me, and even when we left the shop to sit outside and eat he actually had the NERVE to come up to our table and start chatting it up. People kill me at what they think is appropriate…to make matters worse the yogurt was not even that good.

We watched some cheesy movies on SYFY one being the “ROCK MONSTER” (no explanation needed, its actually as AWESOME as the title sounds). Then we went and saw “Inception” with the uber dreamy Joseph Gordon Levitt.

The movie was really good, but afterwards the BF was driving us CRAZY with all these conspiracy theories he came up with from the movie…(YES, Major EYE ROLL, we were like DUDE, it’s a MOVIE…Shut up already…Don’t be surprised if you see his theory book on shelves any day now....LOL!!)

I am in my 2nd week of my sewing class and we made pillows, which thought was going to make me pull out all of my hair.  I have come to the conclusion I can't cut a straight line to save my life, but I was STOKED at how my pillow came out.  I ended up giving it to my sister for her room.

Oh ya guess what FINALLY came in the mail....HOLLA!!!


  1. sounds like you had a blast. those cupcakes look delish (and very sexy lol)

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend hon. Those cupcakes look deelish and the pillow came out very nice. Happy bday to your sis! :)

    Congrats on that degree. Proud of ya!

  3. LOVE those cupcakes, they look soooo good!
    and your pillow looks wonderful- awesome job!
    lol my bf did the SAME thing about the movie inception. i loved it too- so good, but i still wonder....at the end- dream? or reality??? hehe

  4. Wow I love the True Blood cupcakes! :)
    So awesome!!
    That pillow is great! I'm impressed!


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