Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Next American Idol....

Okay, when I saw this HOT MESS I had to share. (Thats just the giving type of person I am!!)

After ingesting all of that "MAGIC"  my brain was filled with questions:

1. What’s up with that CD cover and how do I get in contact with the person who designed it.  (Imagine and Loco, I know AMAZING!!!)

2. Where the HELL did she get these horrible dancers from.  Its such a weird mix, there is the obviously feminine gay guy, but than BAM lets throw in Ronnie and The Situation from "Jersey Shore".

3. Was there a rehearsal for this performance or did they just watch a couple minutes of "Dirty Dancing" beforehand and say we can totally do that lift scene. (side question...why are two burly dudes doing the lift scene....Shakes her head than falls out laughing again!!)

4. Its sad when u STILL sound horrible and they auto tuned you.

5. When u have an extra singer shouldn’t one of you know how to SING…Just saying.

6. Who was in charge of booking the “talent” on this morning show, they are either

a. An VERY VERY bad an employee (they knew they were getting fired and said I am going to SHOW THEM!!)

b. Or the BEST practical joker out there!!

**How do I get on this show, because I can totally beat on some pots and pans and show them how we do it Miss Kitty style!!

7.  I thought club mixes were supposed to make u want to dance, but all I get is the urge to vomit.

This video made me laugh for a good 5 minutes, its literally so horrible they have not invented a word to describe it, but I couldn't keep this little gem a secret!!


  1. Oh no, please make her stop. Did she record this on her macbook?

  2. I almost fell out my chair...lmao...

  3. Oh, I've been at my university ALL day writing my dissertation and stressing out and I come to your blog and you show me this.....THANK YOU SO MUCH for giving me something to laugh to!! It's made my day! :) And your comments on the video were spot on!

  4. OHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYY GOOOOOOOOOOOSH! Wow. ummmmm. I couldn't even finish it!

  5. *ala Flavor Flav* Wooooooooooow. That was...shoot, I don't even know what that was. Except BAD. VERY bad. Sitcho ass down! That beat had potential and they slaughtered it with those garbage vocals. :(

  6. ok this goes!

  7. OMG what the fuck (sorry to swear) is that!?!?!?!
    All I heard was heavy breathing!
    I love the mismatched dancers hahaha
    this is gold


  8. that lift... pahahahahaha!

  9. Oh no she didnt. Ouch. Hope she maybe goes back to being a housewife and mom? No? NOt gonna happen? Oh well. :)

  10. Oh ... Oh God. I ... uh ... wow. Speechless!


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