Thursday, August 26, 2010

Do Vampires Suck...or is it my movie choices...

I am on a roll this week with all my posts....HOLLA!!!

So last night I somehow convinced the BF to take me to see this ….(Don't Judge...we all make mistakes, just ask Lindsey Lohan)

I knew within minutes the horrible mistake I had made (imagine that Danielle video times 50), but we stuck it out for various reasons...

For him…

For me…

(Arteries are so overrated!!)

After the movie I was sure I was in store for one of these….

But instead (Whew....)  I've been put on a 3 week BAN from picking out movies...Shoot!!


  1. Ah must have been one of those movies where all the "funny" parts were in the commercials. I thought it looked funny! Thanks for saving me some cash! I'll probably wait till it goes to the dollar theater.

  2. lol the "slap" picture at the end was hilarious!

    yeah nothing about that movie looked good. at least it was a learning experience!


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