Thursday, August 12, 2010

Following Through...

Last night I was sitting on the couch looking at my carpet thinking I really should get up and vacuum…did I …NOPE….

I have the best of intentions, I make tons of lists, mark things in my day planner and program things in my phone, but I have the worse problem with following through. I blame my parents and global warming…(it makes me feel better to pass the blame…LOL)

I know eventually I will vacuum (or try to trick Loco into eating everything off the floor), but I wish I knew how to get better with completing things. I have so many projects and plans crammed in my head and I will get the gumption to start something and then slowly fizzle out halfway through.

Does anyone have any suggestions or feedback they can offer for my problem? (Threats don't work...the BF already tried the method...LOL!) 

PS - My new favorite song of the week!


  1. OMG.. It thought i was the only one with this problem..! No matter how man lists i write i never seem to do all of them..! I really need to get better at doing this..

  2. i lllove teenage dream.
    and that vacuum looks sweet! <3


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