Friday, July 30, 2010


I have a ton of random thoughts going on today, so bare with me:

Bush on the MP3 this morning was Great!

Driving to work I realized I hate pedestrians who jump out into the street and slow me up, but when I am the pedestrian I have no issue with jumping into the street, and will quickly give the stink eye to those drivers glaring at me….yes I am a hypocrite!

I walk 8 flights of steps every morning to get to my office and every so often I run into this rude guy who almost knocks me over EVERTIME…never apologizes and looks back at me like I DESERVED it, (I guess I am walking to slow for his liking.) Well this morning I beat him upstairs but I stuck my gum on the rail so it would get on his hand and I laughed when I heard him bitching about it (Oh don't look at me like that...I am just honest about my WICKED WAYS!!)

At work a lot of times I will put on my headphones (even if the music is not playing) just because I don’t want to talk to anyone I work with.

My dog has to go the Vet today, one of his ears smells really bad and I think I saw a mushroom growing in it.

After we saw “Salt” last weekend the BF and I started talking about other movies in the same genre and to my shock and dismay he said he never saw the Bourne Movies. ( I know, I asked myself  how I could date someone with such low movie viewership) so thanks to good old Netflix this weekend we will be watching the whole series.

Oh and at some point I would like to be eating this...

So I can feel like this...

Have a wonderful weekend and feel free to Express your Wicked Ways and then tell me about it so we can laugh together ( No Judgements here!!)


  1. Cracking up!! 8 flights of stairs?!?! I would be dead by the time I reached the top, lol. I do 4 and can't talk for 10 minutes after from being out of breath, LOL! Good girl for the gum thing, that's what he gets!

    Awww! your dog is so stinkin' cute!!

    And that burger just made my tummy rumble something crazy!! mmmmm!!

    Have a great weekend! :)

  2. Lmao...That is so how I feel after eating junk! Hope your doggie get's better and have a great wknd love.

  3. You are awesome girl...LUV U

  4. Lol, SWEET, SWEET VENGEANCE!!! I'm not mad at ya', I would've done something similar...

  5. just watched your video for cupcake wars - hysterical! now pls post me the "Hello Kitty" nerds tin? Tx...

  6. You're not alone with the headphones in the ears move even if there's no music! I love pretending to listen to music and then bob my head to make it look real!

  7. hahaha the gum Erica! I can't believe you did that hehe glad it wasn't me :) and I do the head phone thing sometime on the street so homeless people don't hasse me for money. I feel so bad saying no! Hope you are doing fabulous my lovelie! xo

  8. Oh my gosh... that last Homer illustration is PERFECTION!!! I LOL. Love it!



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