Thursday, September 3, 2009


So, it's midnight and I should be sleeping since I have to work, but I got the best gift today. A few weeks back I picked up a copy of Cooks Country and Cooks Illustrated and I was hooked. After reading them both from cover to cover, I was a junkie who needed another fix. I ventured to good ole Ebay and found back copies of each magazine. Today was better than Christmas, I received a box chock full of Cook’s Country, 40 to be exact.

I fear that I won’t be able to leave my house until I can read them from cover to cover; I mean who needs fresh air and sunshine, so overrated!!

I also got the cutest cupcake container at Ross the other day. It was only $7.99 and has over 150 cupcake recipes inside; I am stoked to try one out.

( A little peeved about the dent it got from the car to the house)
As a side note, why does Ross gives me a headache every time I go in there. It’s like a zoo in there with wild children running around and crap thrown all over the place. I really have to pre-prepare myself when I get the moxie to go into that store. It’s almost like a thrift store, but I think Goodwill is more organized…LOL!!

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday and is a 3 day weekend. I am getting my hair done (why did someone in my office ask me the other day if I was wearing a…I mean who does something like that, even if I was wearing a wig, that’s not your place to ask….DUMBASS) baking and going to IKEA (best store EVER!!).

I also am craving Bacon...weird!


  1. oooh,i love discovering things that you can buy back copies of on ebay!:)
    i get asked often if i'm wearing a wig.i mean i kinda am (extensions and hairpieces)but you're very right,WHO asks that?were they not taught any manners as a child?pfffft! xxxx

  2. I agree with you, I love my WEAVE and proudly wear it, but I just don't see myself going up to some stranger and asking them..."Yo, is that fake". I should have grabbed her boob and said are those real...LOL!


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