Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weekend Recap....

I was excited about the long 3-day weekend, but ended up spending much of doing stuff for DollFace (check it out here).

I did get to sneak in a movie, which after seeing it I am almost too embarrassed to tell you. The BF and I went to see “Gamer"…it was pretty bad, I mean even the action was not all that great. It was one of those movies where you think, "I know what you were thinking, but you just didn't capture it".

We also ate at this place called Chedd’s, that does gourmet grilled cheese sandwhiches. It was pretty good, but how hard is it to mess up a grilled cheese sandwich?

I also decided that I needed to re-organize all my cake crap and pulled out all this stuff, and then my ADD kicked in and lets just say my apartment still looks like a bakery threw up all over it. I tend to do that, start a project then get distracted by something shiny and move on.

Oh ya, I am also trying out a new look….thoughts?


  1. Your page is to cute.


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    Thanks alot

    Ms. T

  2. i can't believe i have never even heard of that movie and i actually like gerard butler even if he is playing jennifer aniston.

    re: your photo, are you in target there? it looks like it but i can't b sure.

    ps. hey are you going to get your ass 2 the TX state fair or what? it looks like the bomb! fried butter, seriously?

  3. i want a floppy beach hat too!


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