Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Weekend Recap...

So, what did I do over the weekend ….Well I did make the cakes for the bride, and lets just say it was a NIGHTMARE. The cakes had an hour drive (in 100 degree weather) and one had melted by the time we arrived. The other cake survived the drive, but some kid knocked over the cake topper and smashed the whole side of the cake.

The BF and I ran out to get cake supplies to fix the cake and it was GONE…. yes GONE, and no one could tell me where it went. I was pretty upset about the whole situation, but what could I do. I mean mistakes happen and I put on my Big Girl Face to fix the situation, but someone moved the cake. I’ve taken this as a learning lesson for sure!

Sunday the BF and I went to the best store ever…!!
I love IKEA, and can spend hours just looking at all the Swedish Goodness! I am planning on turning my spare bedroom into an office, and went to IKEA to find some good stuff for the room. I also picked up some cute prizes for the contest DollFace Delights and Pink Sugar Desserts is hosting (Make sure to check out those blogs for info).

We also went and saw Jennifer’s Body, which was interesting. Though Megan Fox is the Hotness she is not the best actress, but you will get a few laughs out of the movie. Plus I got to see the new trailer for NEW MOON (the BF actually had the nerve to talk while it was on and I had to shush him, you would think he would know better), the movie looks like its going to be super GOOD!
Sunday night was full of our new show, “Sons of Anarchy”

Now I am all about the trashy reality TV and don't really get into the whole primetime thing (other than the Simpsons), but I was surprised that I actually enjoyed it (plus, it doesn't hurt that there is some yummy man meat to check out!)
This upcoming weekend were going to the Texas State Fair so I can gourge on all things fried, plus I am getting some professional photos done for DollFace, by this amazing photographer located in Dalls. Check out her myspace. My photos will have a baking theme too them, so they can be used on DollFace Marketing material.
PS. I’ve been dying to post a picture of my new tattoo, but it’s doing this weird peeling thing, so I am waiting until its picture perfect to share it with everyone.


  1. wait, u came back and couldn't find the cake? omfg! wth happened to it?

  2. that stupid cake story!! makes me so angry. I am so glad it is over for you now :)

  3. Someone stolen your cake? You must have spent alot of time making that! What a nightmare. :(

    I went to IKEA just yesterday! Bought quite a couple of pic frames. They certainly have so many pretty and affordable stuffs there. Love IKEA big time. heh!


  4. Total bummer someone moved your cake? How rude! Don't let it keep you down :)

    I am looking forward to seeing your new tattoo!

  5. my boyfriend was just talking to me about this show sons of anarchy. the way he described it made it sound pretty good but it seems like they can only go so far of filming the same thing. uh looking more of this show up. ha.

  6. I'm so sorry to hear about your cake disappearing. That's just crazy. Would you believe that I've never been to an Ikea store? I would love to go someday though. There's not one in Tulsa (or even in Oklahoma that I know of), so perhaps I'll have to check it out the next time I'm down in Texas.

    I can't WAIT for New Moon!


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