Thursday, September 10, 2009


It’s kind of a joke with people who know me; just how picky I am when it comes to food. Granted, I love to eat I am just terribly picky when it comes to what I want to eat. The BF hates going out to eat with me because I will tear up a meal from off the menu and create my own (but I figure if they have the ingredients why is it a big to make me what I want…plus I am never rude when asking for these requests, as I don’t want t a side of spit in my food).

I am especially snobbish when it comes to baked goods!! So, the Lovely Liz (you should check out her blog, it cracks me up every time I read it!!) asked me about a local brownie company here in Austin called Mary Louise Butters Brownies. Well I was close to the local grocery store for lunch today and decided to try one. Being the snob that I am, I thought I would go the safe route and do a traditional brownie with walnuts in it. A co-worker saw me about it eat it and said their Beer Brownies are amazing. Now for a regular person a comment like that would get you excited to eat that brownie, for me I don’t trust other peoples opinions, just because of my pickiness.
The whole marketing feel of this company made me want to love them so bad. I mean the vintage labels, the huge list of brownie flavors (Rose) and the look of the brownie. Well I did a picture show of how my brownie experience went down….they shall speak for themselves of how I felt after eating the brownie!

I guess I will have to seek out my own perfect brownie recipe!


  1. aw, thanks 4 the shout out! i am so glad i didn't order those brownies then. damn, i thought the packaging looked cool. anyway i ended up ordering cookies from this
    place in LA and my friend said they were great.

  2. LOL! That's too bad, I was almost sure the story was going to end differently. How funny!

  3. You are hilarious!!! LOL!! The packaging would have tricked me too. Picture the expression of the bakery if he/ she sees this post. LOL!!


  4. Oh my gosh that bad huh?? Why so terrible? Dryness or flavor?? haha you're funny Erica :)

  5. aw isnt that just the pits when you have such high expectations for a baked good and it just turns out to be caca.

  6. hehehe, your reaction is priceless! What a pity it didn't taste good. I find I am a bit picky with baked good too ;)

  7. hi!
    the ruffly cake stand is called "Flirt" and i forget who makes it, but i found it online... if you google Flirt cake stand you'll find it!!


  8. Your picture-by-picture photo commentary there speaks 1,000 words. OMC too funny. Bummer though that you were disappointed :-P It's tough to be a snob sometimes! Glad you have your standards ;)


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