Friday, September 18, 2009

Brownies PT II...

Last night I got into brownie mode and decided it was time to finally find a good brownie. I strayed away from a full chocolate brownie and thought I would tackle a Blondie first. After some mixing, pouring and tasting (okay licking the beaters) I came up with the perfect Blondie brownie

The “Monroe” Brownie. Its light and flakey and full of milk chocolate chips, pecans and a swirl of caramel.

I decided to make this the first item for sale at the DollFace Store (Sorry for all the shameless promotion, but a girls gotta get her hustle on!).

Also, I went to hobby lobby and spent my fortune (HA HA..fortune...more like two nickles and a bottle cap) on cake supplies. Why can’t I have a cheap addiction, instead of one that insists on wiping out my bank account. I got some cute cake stands, which has lead me on another mission of finding even more. Does anyone have any get places I can check to find cute cake stands?
How cute are these!!

Also, update on the “Friends” wedding. I have not heard from here all week. I mean not a text, tweet or phone call…Zip…Zilch…Nada. I think this is the strangest behavior ever, especially for the Bride. I’ve made my peace with the situation and I am not going to think about anymore.
Everyone have a great weekend!!


  1. those sure do look yummy Erica!! and yes baking is fricken expensivvveee!! I hear ya on that one :) Any word on the bride yet or your plans?? Shoot me a message and we will figure out this cupcake challenge :)

  2. ooo that looks gooood! lol

  3. those blondies look great! i was at panera and they were handing out blondie samples just today. did u ever see the 'throwdown' with sugardaddy's blondies in NY? i think they beat bobby. good luck with everything, F bridezilla and your website looks better than a *lot* of others who have been around a lot longer!

  4. The blondie brownies look absolutely freakin' DELICIOUS! And I don't blame you for plugging your shop. After all, you work so hard to come up with these amazing treats, there's no shame in wanting the rest of the world to witness your talent.

    Have you ever tried looking at estate sales for cake stands? You can usually find really cool ones, and they're cheap too.

  5. It looks really great. And the packaging is really cute. It would def catch my eye in a store.

  6. I moved my blog. Follow me!

  7. oh my wooooooooooord, that brownie looks so HEAVENLY!


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