Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Weekend Recap...

Last weekend, started out kind of suckey. I went to the dentist on Friday for a simple procedure and found out I have to get a Root Cannel (YAY ME!!!) Well I was pretty numb when I left the dental office on Friday, and got to walk around looking like the Joker (circa…Jack Nicholson) drooling like crazy.

The numbing medicine finally wore off at dinner, and I thought I was going to D-I-E. I have never been in so much pain in my life (which leads me to believe natural childbirth will never be an option for me). It was the worse night ever and I have not been able to eat properly since (Boo to no yummy goodies….Yay to losing 5Ilbs in 3 days)

Also, Exciting news DollFacedelights.com is up and running. I still have to make a few changes, but check it out and give me your feedback!!!

Saturday the BF and I decided to endure some more pain and get tattoos. The BF got this amazing nautical theme with an octopus and anchor...its insane!!

I got the cutest cupcake ever with a banner expressing my new motto...BAKE OR DIE!!. ( *Will post Pics later*)

I also got my tattoo guy, Chris Resse to agree to create a design for our first tee shirts for the I Bleed Pink Line, so I am super excited about this! I can’t not wait to see what he comes up with, I know it will be awesome.

Sunday we went to the Austin Bridal Expo, it was a good time. We ate a lot of cake (well I actually gummed it up)…and being the snob I am I was not too impressed by what I sampled. I was surprised at the amount of people who use box cakes. I mean if I am going to pay thousands of dollars for a cake, make it from scratch.

There was this one old school baker from the company Simon Lee (reminded me of Cakeboss) and his cakes were AMAZING and they tasted great. I would love to learn from this guy, because the work was out of this world.

This week is going to be quite stressful as I am doing this "FREE" wedding cake for well...a "Friend"(AKA..Bridezilla). As a word of advice, never mix business with friends. The only good thing is I can use the pictures for business once I am done.

Before I go....Make sure to show some love to one of my favorite bloggie friends Miss Rhiannon. I was shocked to learn she was thinking about quitting her Amazing blog...and I just wanted to make sure you knew she was Loved!!

PS. .. R.I.P Mr. Swayze


  1. oooh i feel for you and the root canal! YUK!

  2. tooth pain is literally the worst and i have gone thru childbirth. i have cried in the dentist's office and i never cried when i had a baby. now you haven't had your root canal yet or what? sucks!


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