Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend Recap....

All I can say is WHEW…. I’ve been so busy and enjoying every bit of it. Well this weekend was jammed packed.

Started out with another visit to the dentist (this is not looking good from someone who bakes…LOL) and cooling problems in my apartment. I don’t live in the newest apartments, but they are nice and the maintenance people are quick to fix anything I’ve ever had to call in. Well my AC has not been working properly and here in Texas, even though its about to be October its still hotter than Hades outside. I’ve now experienced the life of a rotisserie chicken.

On Sunday the BF and an old friend drive to Dallas for my photo shoot. It was sooooooooooo much fun. I got my hair and make-up done and took a million pictures. I never knew how hard it was to pose, but those darn lights could a melt a girl! Miss Missy was a pleasure and you can tell she loves what she does!

I should be getting the pictures back shortly and will eagerly share! Here are a few candids we took after the shoot (so disregard the sweaty tired look I have going on, it was a day that started at 7am and ended at midnight).

This Friday I've been inviteed to attend a Betty Paige Tribute Party, so that has me pretty excited!

Also, I wanted to make a few announcements…(I feel like the church lady reading her Sunday Bulletin…LOL!! )

1. I hope everyone has checked out the fun contest that DollFace and Pink Sugar is hosting. I got some AWESOME prizes, and think its well worth entering for.

2. Even though I’ve just started my little business, I’ve gotten several emails from people asking Me advice and help on getting their business' going. Now, I could look at this like these people are spies and out to get me….but I think when it comes to being a small business networking is the key. I’ve started YET another blog called Baking Up A Business. I've been blessed to meet some Awesome people who have willingly shared their info, to help me become succesful, because NETWORKING is the key to success!!


  1. I wil be sure to check out this giveaway!

  2. Well aren't you just a little hottie! I love the makeup and facial expressions you're sporting in those photos. I can't wait to see the rest of them!

    I totally agree with your advice for starting a business. Without networking, you won't get anywhere- no matter how awesome your product is.

  3. oh damn girl! look at you looking all sexy on us :) Send me some pics!!! and only 3 more days to enter the contest!!!


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