Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Recap.....

On, on Friday I was finally able to stuff my face full of Crepes, which was a super delight:

The crepe place is set up in the cutest little Air Stream trailer

I started out with the Yummiest Ham and Gruyère Crepe

And I ended with their Summer Berry and Vanilla Pastry Cream Crepe

Then on the way home I got bored in the car and took a million pictures ( I will only bore you with one...This is me trying to be Gangster!!!)

We also got to see an advanced screening of Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynold's new movie "The Proposal", OMG...I think I laughed harder in this movie than in Hangover. This movie was so cute and funny.

Betty White freaking stole the show, I highly reccomend you go and see this movie.!!!


  1. I love Air Stream trailers, they're so bubbly and retro. And I LOVE your star tattoos! You wear them well. :-)

  2. I s owant to live in an air stream and travel with the fam! Baby DIVA and hubbs-to-be so NO!! The crepes looked so yummy!! Looks like a total fab weekend!

  3. yay! I am so excited to see this movie... glad to know it was good

  4. AnonymousJune 16, 2009

    I didnt think the movie was gonna be that good at all . But I think ima give it a shot lol :)


  5. oh my goodness! that crepe trailer is adorable!! i love it!


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