Thursday, June 25, 2009

Strawberry Cupcakes...

Sco, today was hot as hell!! I am making cupcakes for a wedding in October and decided to do a test run today. I had to run to the grocery store to grab a few things and my temp in my car actually said 110….yes 110. It did cool down slightly, to a freezing 104.

So, I decided to make Strawberry cupcakes from one of my favorite cookbooks, Sweets: Soul Food Desserts and Memories. I bought this cookbook on a whim and it was the best purchase ever. The book has awesome recipes and even better family stories. It’s worth adding to your collection.

I also decided to be adventurous and try a cooked frosting. I got the recipe from the Whimsical Bakeshop cookbook, another awesome book, and was actually really simply. The only thing I will do different is purchasing a food thermometer.

While the cupcakes were baking, I caught a few minutes of the new show on WE "Raising Sextuplets", it’s amazing to me that this lady had 6 babies and is now training for a marathon. I am officially a fat lazy bum!!! Its time to get off my fat booty and actually do something with myself. I mean if this lady can work full-time and raise 6 small children and still train for a marathon, there is no excuse for my behavior.


  1. OK first of all i also got that whimsical bakeshop book for my mom a few years ago and i think it's awesome too. second, are you making cupcakes for the wedding in lieu of a wedding cake or are they having both? nowadays some people are JUST having cupcakes which i think is a little weird unless they are like amazing. ok third screw the chick on raising sextuplets. marathons are like super overrated. i think exercise is cool but like u do not have to train for a marathon to be healthy!

  2. oh, jon and kate's apparently not the only sextuplets..

    i've never bake a good strawberry cupcakes, always a fail :(

  3. Cute cupcakes! I amazed you felt like baking in the heat!
    I cannot believe that mother, she mustn't need much sleep!

  4. haha thats funny! you need to share your recipe; I am dying over hehe I am doing a wedding in August! I can't wait. And I need to get that book! It looks divine. And screw marathons. People are crazy.

  5. those cupcakes look great, As far as finding time to working out...1)She is not a single parent she's married, 2)I'm sure the show is giving her some time of help, 3)Its never easy to get in shape you have to take one day at a time...Oh, its extremely hot in Atlanta also

  6. those cupcakes look so yummy. I wish I had the time to make all of that

  7. Miss Kitty are you a single mom!? Strawberry cupcakes are my favorite kind *swoon*

    I just starting going back to the gym. Better late than never, right?

  8. Haha, I was just telling my boyfriend I wanted to find a recipe to use up my strawberries and then I come upon your page - very cute btw. Come check out mine and maybe follow mine too :)


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