Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So, I consider myself to be a Cupcake Connoisseur and when I heard a new cupcake bakery opened up by my office I made a made dash over there. The place is called Delish and the set up was super cute.

I was rather disappointed with the owner though, she wasn’t really friendly and had a real stank attitude. See, I am one of those people who ask questions, you know gets a feel for the business and she was acting like I was annoying her or taking up her time…..even though I was the only one in the shop. I feel like if your going to have a business, especially a bakery, its nice to mingle and make nice with the customers.

I had no choice but to give them a demerit for poor customer service, so I decided to let the cupcakes do the talking. The cupcakes were okay, not the best in Austin, but worth taking a cupcake break in the middle of the day.


I will openly admit since I bake all the time, I am really snobby when it comes to other people’s baked goods. I remember once someone in our office brought in cupcakes, I decided to be adventurous and try one….YUCK!! It was so gross, and I think it was from a box which made matters worse. I feel like if your going to bring in something to represent yourself, bring you’re A game to the table.

(The Awesome Hello Kitty Cupcakes I made...with my Mad Skillz!!)


  1. Oh man, the one thing I get most excited about when I think of opening a bakery is mingling with people over my cupcakes. That's too bad she was a meany; I am sorry :( In other news, your cupcakes ROCK! Nice work girly!!

  2. AnonymousJune 24, 2009

    1: F that lady for being a jerk.
    2: Send me one of those Hello Kitty cupcakes plz&thnx

  3. we don't have cupcake bakerys in the uk :(

    Those Hello Kitty cupcakes look amazing!!

  4. Those cakes are ADORABLE! Fondant, icing, gumpaste, what? TELL ME THESE THINGS! lol

    Oh, and if that lady thinks she's too good for her customers I'll be interested to see how long her business lasts. Just sayin'.

  5. hello kitty cupcakes look like the BOMB!

  6. that's funny I'm the same way, the difference is i would not have purchased anything.

  7. The Hello Kittys are made out of fondant. I bought this cool little stamp from Ebay and pressed them out!


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