Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend Recap.....

This weekend started out a little icky, missed work because I was feeling like crap on Friday. Woke up Saturday feeling much better, and the plan to make me feel much better was to go to one of my favorite places Flip Happy Crepes, Austin has some pretty awesome trailer eateries and this place takes the crepe (ha ha ha…I am so cheese ball). They specialize in crepes that are out of this world and have even been featured on the Food Network. Well everyone else had the same idea, because there was this huge line when we got there and two things that don’t agree with me are lines and heat. ( it was 101 on Saturday)

I decided we would have to do that another day, so we decided to try this other trailer down the street called Chris' Little Chicago that does hotdogs. It was a good choice. I tried their chili dog

and the BF got the Austenite, which included mango and avocado.

I also had to include a pic of my new AWESOME cupcake T-Shirt!

(You like my Top Gun Shades!!!)

Sunday we decided to go and see “Hangover”

It was so Freaking funny (plus Bradley Cooper is a hottie). This is one of those movies that makes you laugh out loud, is just a funny ass movie. It totally made me think I need to get to Vegas ASAP. If “Superbad” (loved that movie!!!) is your kind of comedy, rush out and see this, because you will be laughing your head off... FO SHO

Oh ya, one more thing....I have a fun surprise for next week, so stay tuned! Hope you all had a good weekend. I am off to watch me some Bridezilla ( you know I love me some TV drama)


  1. Oh I think I saw that place all the way here in little ol' Indiana! It was on Throwdown I think. Also, damm those hot dogs look good. Mail one?

  2. I was waiting to hear reviews of Hangover ... and everyone I know who's seen it said it was hilarious ... I might have to go see it.

  3. You are way cute in your cupcake shirt. And I'm so glad you recommended "Hangover". I'm always on the lookout for new funny movies to watch, and "Superbad" was totally my type of comedy.


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