Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy Birthday...

No weekend recap this week...

Today would have been my friend Diane’s 30th birthday today. She passed away in October and was never granted the opportunity to share this day with friends and family. A day doesn’t go by where I don’t think about her, as she was a huge part of my life and that void will never be completely filled. Due to life and silly issues, I never got the chance to say Hello or Goodbye, and that truly breaks my heart.

It’s said often, but I don’t think we truly sit down and think about it, “Life is short”. You have no idea when it will be your last day, and I think many of us don’t live each day to its fullest.

We can take advantage of the simplest pleasures, hugging our loved ones, feeling the warm sun on our noses or eating yummy frozen yogurt. The boy is always asking me why I take a million pictures, and I guess its because I want the memories and a way to look back at the good times.

I’ve often thought to myself if somebody wanted to make a movie of my life, would anyone want to watch it….Don’t think so ( I don’t even think I could get it on Lifetime…LOL). I live my life in fear. Fear of change, Fear of the unknown, Fear of Failure and Success.

I know what I am capable of, but being comfortable, uncertainty and FEAR allows me to stay on the same boring path, day after day. I know what I want for my life, for my future, and I just need to get the COURAGE to do it. To be able to live my life to the fullest and treat each day like it could be my last (to a limit, no sky diving or high speed chases in this script…LOL)…that’s a blessing an opportunity that many are not granted.

I can’t continue thinking what if and letting that hold me back, only I can create my own destiny!

Happy Birthday!


  1. Totally the same way. I'll do everything I can to avoid falling or tripping or hurting myself in someway. Davie always says I walk too slow, I'm just cautious.

  2. Awe. I am glad that you had such a good friend in her while she was here. I am very sad that she has passed. It is good that you still hold onto her memory in a fond way even though you have some sadness with not being able to say goodbye.

    I think about how short life is EVERY DAY. It started when I had children. My mortality became very real to me.

  3. Omg, you sound like me. I swear sometimes I wish u were down the street so we could hang out, i even think our significant other would hit it! Damn shame...
    im sad about your friend, she is always with you. happy birthday to her from me as well...
    Also, yes, i wanna go see Hannah! I love Cate Blanchete! what do you think about Jake(sexy) Gyllanhalls new movie Source Code? u think that would be any good???

  4. R.I.P to your friend. This is a great post.

    This is the same way I feel, it's like you read my mind. Great post!

  5. BIG HUG to you. Such an inspiring post, life is short and it is so easy for forget that.


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