Friday, April 15, 2011


So, ya I kind of love you…and look forward to your calls during the middle of the day to chat about nothing.

I’m crushing over the fact…that after almost 4 years you still want to hold my hand in the car.

My love grows daily…and I can’t get enough of your smile and those green eyes.

I am beyond blessed… to have someone who loves me, fake hair, bright lips and all. (but secretly I know you love me most fresh face)

I thank my lucky stars …you enjoy cartoons as much as I do.

Oh before I go…you should know I am hopelessly in love with you…and love that you don’t make fun of me for picking one movie theater over another…because I like the popcorn better.

And I am thankful its Friday and get to have late night dinner with you, drinking cranberry juice and laughing with her favorite CRAZY waitress!! 


  1. I love you two, you both seem so happy together. Four years is a long time, and its so cute that he still holds your hand. Thats the perfect man...someone who loves all of you regardless....Beautiful post girlie

  2. I hope to find a guy just as beautiful as yours!!

  3. awwwww you guys are soo sweet, I hope me and my sweety last that long and are as happy as you guys after 4 years.......

  4. So cute :)


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