Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weekend Recap...

I had plans this weekend to be a good blogger and actually use my camera (and not my beloved IPhone) and take tons of lovely pictures. Well I did that, I took tons of lovely pictures, but now I can’t find my stupid cord so they are all stuck in my camera….BOO (Double BOO because I had on the cutest dress perfect for spring!!) So your stuck again with the few pictures I did take with my phone.

We didn’t make it out to the zoo, mainly because I was in a sleep like coma and couldn’t Muster the energy to get up a decent time …but it’s on the agenda for next weekend. We went and saw “Hanna”; it was really good, different than expected, but still really good. We took the fur baby to the dog park, and within 3 mins he looked like this….



(you can kind of see my new Spring dress here)

We tried an Italian restaurant we had never been before, Carrabba's Italian Grill, and stuffed ourselves with an insane amount of fried cheese, bread and PASTA!!  

Played around with fun headgear...

And had a very random encounter. So last week in Austin was Texas Relays, the only way I can describe it, basically it’s the African-American Spring break here in Austin. Tons and Tons of people come from all over to party for this weekend, (on a side note after living in Texas for almost 5 years I just found out there are actually relays that take place….LOL). You can read about it here on wiki.

Anywhoo, so the boy and I are on our way to the movies and were stopped at a light, and the car next to us is blasting music super loud. So we look over and there are two guys in the front and two girls in the back. The two girls are dancing it up and start gesturing out the window to us….so were look um look away, these people are crazy.

So of course its like a train wreck and the boy is like OMG, they are totally getting out of the car and coming over here…but no they stop in the street and start BOOTY DANCING…yes "dropping it like its hot" in the street…oh it gets better, the girl I could actually see was wearing a crop top and what I am hoping was bikini bottoms (the boy swears they were just underwear, but I wasn’t letting my mind go there). It was the most surreal CRAZY moment ever, and it definitely stuck to Austin’s motto of “Keeping things Weird”.   It totally made me think of this commerical...

PS - OMG...Please check out this new CD.

I have been listening to it NEW STOP!! The singer is AMAZING, the lyrics are AMAZING, its going to leave you feeling AMAZING. It has that 90's old school R&B feeling! Its just good music!!


  1. okay, your dog is adorable!!!!! i wish my phone took good pictures... love the name of your blog title too girrrl!

  2. i want your puppy and i agree with ashley your phone takes GREAT pictures i'm jealous ;P

  3. What is all over that poor puppy's face? ha ha ha. BTW. I like it when strange things happen ha, gives life some spice.

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  5. I LOVE Jessie J, Erica!! She is so fly and her songs are so catchy, definate sing alongs for car rides! Hope wedding plans are rocking the house, sista!! xo

  6. mmm carbs!!!

    i'm now craving pasta...and fried cheese. damn you!!! ;)

  7. Your right... I love the song by Jessie!!


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