Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Weekend Recap...

 I had way more pictures that I wanted to post, but my computer was acting CRAZY and I got tired of waiting around for it to act right.  So as usual the weekend went by super fast, realized I had my 2nd dress fitting on Saturday at the last minute and for various reasons had to reschedule.   I am excited to see the progress on the dress, especially since our wedding date is creeping on us quickly.  We've kind of had this attitude of not making a big deal of plans, because our wedding is so small, but I know its going to be a few weeks before the day and were going to be running around like chickens with our heads cut off. 

Made the yummiest crepes (okay I made the batter, after burning about 10, gave up and let the boy take over, I will admit me and any type of Pancake is a burnt disaster!) with vanilla bean pastry cream and summer berry sauce…so yummy!

Had black hair again for the weekend, with a pop of color.

(Ya, I have totally formed a GIRL CRUSH)

 We are in finals this week, which is actually not that hard.  I don’t know if it’s because I consider myself a professional student, but I am not stressing at all.  Basically were being required to make a few items each night of things we have made over the course of our program.  Some of my classmates have been FREAKING out, but I had to bring them back to reality, its MUFFINS not the LSATS…LOL 

Would you believe I am actually thinking about going back to school, I would love to find another culinary school that goes more in depth with French pastries.  The closest thing I have come across is located in Chicago. 

We checked out a food trailer over the weekend, it was pretty snazzy and at a very reasonable price.  After looking at it and thinking on it, I am even more confused as to what I want to do.  Culinary school has taught me so much (minus crepes) and I really want to make sure I showcase that in my business.   It would be nice to find a mentor who could guide me in the right direction.  My biggest fear is not making good choices, and I will be the first one to admit my focus is not the greatest.  Having someone there to answer questions and such, would be AMAZING!

No movies this weekend, instead it was laundry. (Damn that need for clean clothes)


  1. Well thats good that u missed the movies this weekend..lol! Its so funny because I am in telling the hubby that my blogger friend should be seeing cowboys and aliens this weekend as well....lol! I feel like I know you beyond the blog girlie! Lol! But yeahhh....I'd wait to put it on Netflix....
    And your hair...
    This is the best...
    iTS SOOOOOO Katy Perry and sooooo pretty....I love it. You nailed it. Katy look "okay" compared to u.
    Check out the Planet of The Apes!!! Its a must!

  2. don't feel bad, i tried to make pancakes a few days ago and it was disastrous. i will never ignore my waffle maker ever again!

    p.s. loving the hair, looks awesome!

  3. you hair is always so fabulous.
    i am inlove with it.
    you look so great love! <3

  4. Super cute dress! Where did you find it?

    Love the hair color too. Katy Perry is girl crush worthy.

  5. Your hair is always so adorable and makes me long for the days that I didn't work in an office and could rock whatever the f#ck I wanted.

    Your makeup looks great too! What blush do you have on? I love it!

  6. Girl, you've got such style and swag and confidence. I love it!

  7. I love your dress! You look incredible and your hair is amazing! Those colors are really poppin!! Kiah

  8. I want some colored streaks in my hair SO bad and your pic makes me want them more!!! Lol


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