Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Recap...

So the shoes I am wearing in the pic, I got them from Target.  I purchased the brown ones when they first came out, because wanted to start wearing more wedges and they were super comfortable, and a steal at 30 bucks.  Well I was doing my weekly Target trip when I saw the black ones and guess what they were on clearance for 13 bucks.  HOW FRUSTRASTING!!  Don’t you hate that, I know if I would have waited for the shoes to go on sale they wouldn’t had my size, but I start to look and they have like 20 pair of both the black and brown on sale in my size…I swear Shopping…LOL

(I can't believe how dark my arms have gotten from the rest of my body...LOL)

It’s over…finally; no more class and guess what…I MISS IT!! It hasn’t been one day yet and I am already missing, the stress, the lack of sleep, the deadlines (yes, I know I am CRAZY). The last day of class was so much fun, my final project was crepe suzettes,we had pot luck and said our goodbyes. We even signed our jackets, it felt like 6th grade all over again ( Later that night we went out for drinks and I got pretty TIPSY on mimosas…I swear wine and champagne can kick my butt harder than tequila.)

My externship starts on Friday and over the weekend I got called for an interview  at a local cupcake place, so things are looking up!!
The weekend was spent like always, good food, great laughs and movies. We went and saw “Cowboys and Aliens”. I should have listened to the advice I was told and stayed home. I was bored within the first 15 mins of the movie and had to keep pinching myself to stay awake. The movie wasn’t horrible; it just wasn’t worth the 20 bucks we spent on movie tickets. I will never stray from your advice, girlie!! During the trailers we saw a preview for “Scarface”, when I leaned over to the boy and said I’ve never seen this movie, I got the dirtiest look EVER. I guess I am the only person in the ENTIRE WORLD (according to his statistics) that has never seen this movie. So guess what I am doing tonight, being schooled on how to be a drug king pin…oh the joys of free time.

I’ve also decided to get my butt into gear and set some real goals on getting Dollface Delights back into order. I want to do some rebranding, get a new website and marketing material, update the blog and advertise…advertise. I am setting weekly goals for myself so by time I am done with my externship I will be up and running! 

I'm pretty excited!


  1. Awww man, you finally saw Cowboys and Aliens! Yeah, it was pretty bad. At least this lets me know that we are pretty much exactly alike. Trust me if I knew how to bleech my locs .... I would have pink and blue strands!!!
    You look super pretty, love the makeup :)

  2. I really like your blog and unique style! check out me and my sister's blog at

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  4. it has been A LOT time since i've visited your blog (work, mom stuff, life, wedding blah blah) and just have to say that you LOOK AMAZING!!! whatever you are doing, keep it up because it's very clearly WORKING FOR YOU. honestly, my jaw DROPPED when i saw your new banner. you are like a fraction of you. amazing-sauce! xo Jenny

  5. Thanks for the heads up on Cowboys vs. Aliens. I hadn't planned on seeing it, but now I definitely won't. As for Scarface. I haven't seen it. So I guess I deserve a dirty look too. ha. Good luck on getting your Dollface Delights up and running again!

  6. OOOH I hate that! When that happens to me if I've never worn them I sho will do a quick return and re-purchase at the sale price! haha. I love your floral dress and those shoes are so cute. They are down to $7.95 at my Target!! Love your pink makeup! Kiah


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