Friday, August 12, 2011


You know it’s True Love

When you can come home close to midnight, STRESSED out being a TOTAL BITCH, demanding nachos, giving out bad directions to the place for said nachos, then not wanting to share the nachos, falling asleep and hogging all of the covers, waking up at the crack of dawn and DEMANDING the heating pad and you still make sure to tell me how much you love me and kiss my forehead.

I can’t wait to be your official Misses!


  1. He is the one....

    "Love is not finding the perfect person, its finding the not so perfect person...perfect."


  2. So sweet!! And you are so SPOILED, but I am not mad! hehe! :)

  3. i love how you were upset about nachos...the story is sooo sweet yet soo funny...

    ps...if he dealt with a rant about "said" (lol) nachos...keep him :)

  4. What a great man! Love your honesty girl! haha Kiah


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