Thursday, August 4, 2011

Things I am currently loving...

The Japanese really know how to keep things fun and interesting. There are so many subcultures and trends that they comfortably wear out in the open, and I think that is the coolest thing EVER. Right now my favorite is the Sweet Lolita trend, I love the hair and makeup, it looks like so much fun.   I mean look at this adorable dress.

Click here to learn more about the trend.

I won't lie I've played the hell out of these two songs!!

(I can't even grasp the concept of getting a tattoo on my eye lid...OUCH!)

I've loved Raven Symone since the Cosby show and her new show is SO FUNNY!!  Its very rare I get the time to sit down and watch TV, but since this show has been on I make sureits always on the DV-R.  Plus she looks amazing, not that she didn't look good curvier. 

I have no earthly idea why it took me so long to use this site, its pretty much AMAZING.  I use to save tons of pictures on my computer, but this site lets me pin things in one you can repin stuff from other users.  Its so much fun.  You can follow my boards here.  

What are you currently loving?


  1. I love harajuku lolita style as well....u never find crap like that in america :(

  2. The dress is giving me Suzy Homemaker, I'd just wanna dress up and bake a cake for no reason! Lol love it!

  3. i love lolita style. i've secretly wanted to wear those dresses for a while but (a) they're super expensive and (b) at 27 im pretty sure everyone i know would laugh at me lol


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