Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What the H--E-L-LOween

One of the things I am actually getting excited for is Halloween. Every year I say I am going to dress up, but then actually think about venturing downtown (and fighting all of the drunk stupid people on the streets) and that puts a halt on all of my plans. We normally end up on the couch watching some bad 80’s horror film.

Well my younger sisters are actually coming to visit and my youngest is turning 21….HOLLA! So I am being proactive and pursing through the costumes but its being brought to my attention that woman’s Halloween costumes are so TRASHY. I understand that Halloween is the only time you can dress like a Tramp (and no disrespect to all my Tramps out there) and not be called out on it, but I have to question some of the costumes they have made “Sexy”.


Last time I checked there was NOTHING sexy about Chucky! I mean he was a wacked out Baby Doll.


Ladies when has your man been like, damn that is one sexy crayon....LOL!!! (and if he has I request you force him to get HELP immediatly!!)

I guess she must work in Hell!!

I understand you have a "Hard Hat" on, but this just seems dangerous for construction!!

I could literally go on for days, these costumes are so crazy ridiculous.  I guess that the good thing about Halloween, you can be whatever the Hell your mind can think of...LOL!!


  1. I kinda think the Chucky costume is hot! LOL...seriously. The crayon is a bit weird, but the person who decides to wear it is even weirder. I like some of the ridulous sexy costumes and other I give the side eye. For me Halloween is all about creepy, weird , sexy, and a vivid imagination all being rolled up into one day.

    ♥ SailorWifey

  2. I actually posted about that chucky costume a while back. I dunno I love chucky and the movies growin up I think its cool. I may go as that tho ahhaaahaaa Its not as bad as some of the ones I have seen. I read up on reviews on that chucky costume and heard it dosent come with the red buttons and is a bit cheap lookin so I may make my own outfit.

  3. Hahaa.. I want to dress up as Barbies. It's the closet event I can think of, that I can wear heels too..

  4. For real!!! That is why I don't bother dressing up, too many crazy NY'ers acting a fool on that day anyways. Might dress the lil' one up.

  5. Yeah it's a little annoying that you can't wear a women's costume without looking like you're headed to your job at the strip club. That's why I never buy costumes. The fabrics are always cheap and crappy anyway, especially considering how much pre-made costumes cost! I recommend going to the thrift store to buy everything you need. It's WAY cheaper, and you won't find 10 other hoochies wearing the same exact thing. ;-)

  6. hahaha oh my gosh these costumes are killing me!! And the funny thing is you will see oh so many people rocking them later this month on Halloween! You never cease to make me smile Erica :) Hope you are so fabulous girlfriend. Miss your face!! xoxox

  7. lol love the "sexy chucky" costume. i honestly believe half of these are halloween for the bedroom because i couldn't imagine any woman wearing that construction worker getup in public...unless she's going to the playboy mansion


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