Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thank you...

THANK YOUTHANK YOU!!! I am sending each and every one of you a virtual hug for all your kindness and words of encouragement during my dark days. Its funny when I started this blog it was just an outlet for all the crap roaming around in my head.  I never expected to come in contact with such AWESOME people.


Things are still really crazy and next week is going to be even worse….but I did get some good news today. A few months ago I applied for a scholarship for culinary school and I got the call today that I actually got it!! This means I am pretty much going to school for free!!!

Yes, my jaw is still on the floor….


  1. culinary school? NICE. when can i expect to be invited to taste-test your homework?

  2. Congrads!! Make sure you show them your worth it too!

  3. FREE!?! even better!!!

    congrats lady!

  4. congrats on culinary school! this is going to take your baking to new heights!

  5. Good for you, girl! Congrats!

  6. That is so exciting!!! Good for you! :)


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