Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weekend Recap...

Things finally felt semi normally this weekend, when the BF and I did some of our normal weekend activities.

We went to the mall (it's pretty bad, when the people at the pretzel place ask if you want the employee discount, because you’re ALWAYS there…but hey 15% is 15%...LOL). But we had yummy Japanese food and to get new cell phones…HOLLA!! I am now the new owner of an I-Phone.

After the sales guy showed us the ins and outs of our phones, I felt like I had been using a can with a string for all these years.

Loco is a little jealous of all the attention the phone has been getting…I think he was at his limits, when I booted him off the bed, so me and phone could snuggle…LOL . At one point I saw the BF with my phone and turned into Gollum….this thing is literally my “PRECIOUS”.

We spent the rest of the weekend playing with our phones, eating pizza and having another memorable moment at our local movie theater.

 went and saw “You Again”, which was really funny (reminded me of “Just Friends” if you have ever seen that).

I knew as soon as we walked in and saw how packed it was, we should have walked out…but NOOOO….we sucked it up, but soon found that we were seated by the most obnoxious loud teenagers EVER. At one point one of their friends came into the movie almost 20 minutes late, talking (excuse me YELLING) on her cell phone.  Then she had the nerve to give me the stink eye, when I looked directly at her and said SHHH. (come on now, did you really expect any less from me...then u must be new to this blog)

Oh it gets better...I was already annoyed by the teen situation, when I look to my right and see the BIGGEST cockroach EVER crawling on the wall. I guess the BF must have felt me tense up because he looks over and has a look of terror on his face. I was trying my hardest not to scream, but I was so scared that thing was going to fly off the wall and get on me. I jumped out of my seat faster than I have ever moved in my entire life and we finished our wonderful movie experience by watching the movie in the hallway.

Yes, people these are the date nights that Fairy Tales are made of!!

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  1. Holy moley, I would have ran outta there like Edward if I saw a roach...lol
    I know how u feel about your I-phone, I swear you will never want to out it down. Love your makeup, I need to really attempt a bright blue and fuchsia even though it's fall.


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