Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Weekend Recap.....(Pic Heavy)

My family left last night and I miss them already. As much as they drive me crazy we always have such a good time, and I love spending time with those crazies!!! When they first arrived my mom had to give me all my “Christmas” and “Birthday” gifts and I got an amazing Coach purse (ITS PINK) . My silly sister gave me a Hannah Montana T-shirt, and of course I LOVED IT…LOL!!!

Saturday night they got to attend their first burlesque show and they really enjoyed it. I was doing Dollface stuff and was kind of grounded to my post, but I did get to see a few acts. Here are a few pictures from the night. ( I didn't post any pictures of my family, because my mother would kill me, she wants approve all pictures before they hit the web...LOL!!)

(You can see more Dollface pictures here)

There were so many people at the show and a ton of performers, many from other states (which is kind of random since it was the Texas Burlesque Festival). We were not able to take pictures with personal cameras, but I snatched these from their Facebook page.

After the stress of the show was over we spent the rest of the weekend just having a good time and doing tons and tons of shopping.

( I totally wanted this, buy my sister talked me out of it...something about not being work appropriate)

Sunday night we went and saw "Kick-Ass" and it was so good. I loved the character Hit-Girl, she was like this 9-year old Bad-Ass .

The movie had a ton of violence and offensive language but it was a Good Time for sure!!! I would say if you liked the Kill Bill Series, you will really like this film.

Now that the party is over, its time for me buckle down and finish my final paper. I've been really slacking, but I got my focus goggles on now and I am ready!! A few more weeks and I will be the proud holder of a Master's Degree....WHOA!!!


  1. i wants those cupcakes so bad!

  2. Just saw Kickass too, I loved it. I love HitGirl.
    Pfft, I don't see how that feathered headpiece isn't work appropriate. I love it!
    The cupcakes look delish.
    Love your blue dress too :)

  3. Those cupcakes look so yummy and that tee is too cute. I like the head piece as well! lol

  4. I really wish I was still in Texas. I would have sooo been there at the Burlesque Festival, but I'm stuck in the podunk town with nothing to! Looks like you had a blast w/ your fam. My Mommy comes to see me next weekend. Ooooo and send me a cupcake...LOL

    ♥ SailorWifey

  5. OK the cupcakes, YUM! you are too adorable, love your makeup!

    Lexy (Beautylicious Fashtionista)

  6. 1. Blue Polka Dot Dress...I covetttttt.

    2. Feather head piece not work appropriate? Perhaps not, but that's what off days are for! :3

    3. Congrats on your eventual master's!!!

  7. You are so cute! I love how you always match your make up with your outfit... it always looks so great!

    And dang! A master's degree? I'm super impressed!!

  8. That blush is still looking great! And whoa masters degree soon! What area of study?

  9. masters?! oh you go girl!

    p.s. those cupcakes look amazing!

  10. I'm glad you had a great week. Your family sound like so much fun just like you. I can picture two more Erica 'partying' in the house. And I can't believe you were talked out of getting that peacock hair accessory because it's so pretty!

    Sadly I did not receive your surprise. But it's ok, it's the thought that counts, so I still want to thank you my friend! :)

    Have a kick-ass weekend~


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