Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Recap....

My weekend was filled with cleaning and organizing…. (BOO!!!)

Old School Beach Party Films

(and yes it was as cheesy as it looks!!!)

Yucky Yucky Cupcakes from Starbucks (Please don’t let my face fool you, after this was taken this Cupcake was immediately chucked into the trash can….yes, I am a CUPCAKE SNOB)

Shameless camera whoring in the car

Snugglies from my two best guys

Oh and I would never admit this to the BF (him be right....NO WAY) but I think it might be time for a makeup intervetion!!

( All purchased within the last week)


  1. I love the makeup pic and how it says MY CRACK! lol

  2. I thought that cupcake looked yummy. I guess looks can be so deceiving. Lols. =)I hope you have a nice week ahead of ya. =)

  3. oh girl you are too damn pretty!
    i love your camera whoring! ahahaha.
    i seriously do love how happy you always seem, its really inspiring.
    andoh my that pup. how frreeekin precious! <3

  4. I love those old beach movies!

  5. if makeup is your crack then shoes are mine! haha! i love it though. you keep on your crack girrrl ;)

    looks like a fun weekend minus the nasty cupcake.

  6. Awww, you looked lovely in the cupcake pic! Your make-up is always so gorgeously applied too!x

  7. I had a Starbucks cupcake once and it was dry and nasty. I echo your sentiment.

    That's quite a make up collection!

    Oh, and as a child I always wanted a pet monkey...then I saw "Outbreak." That Ebola virus is some nasty stuff. I think if I keep out of contact with diseased monkeys or humans who have been in contact with diseased monkeys I'll be safe...

  8. Are all starbucks goodies bad? I don't think I've ever had one of their treats. But I haven't even been to a starbucks in a really long time.

  9. I love your eye makeup!

    Have a great Tuesday,
    Hope =)

  10. omg your makeup Erica!!! hahaha thats the best

    and starbucks cuppies. ew :(

  11. hehehe look at all that great makeup!!!! sweet loot, you wear it well :D

  12. lol did you throw it out the window of the car into the trash? because i could totally picture you doing that!

    p.s. you're eye shadow always looks AMAZING! you should do a tutorial or something.

  13. :) Cupcake snob. :) Love it.

  14. Holy Jesus Christ, all that makeup purchased in one week?!?! My jaw nearly hit the floor lmao girl you are my idol! You must be rolling in cash hahah xxoxx beautiful!

  15. Girl I'm addicted to those Blushable Creme Sticks from NYC too! I want all of them.


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