Monday, April 5, 2010

Weekend Recap....

My weekend was filled with:

Hair Drama - Still really want red hair, but after seeing the stylist from H – E – Double Hockey Sticks, decided to go with something more like this. (I will post an actual picture when I don’t look like such a hot mess)

(J-Hud is so cute!!)

Lots of Seafood - The BF has been on a seafood kick, so we did Red Lobster and Joe’s Crab Shack over the weekend (and it was pretty yummy).

Bad Movies - Saturday night we went and saw "Clash of the Titans", it was just okay….nothing more, nothing less. On Sunday for Easter we watched Stepfather and this wacky Halloween movie called Trick R Treat (were weirdo’s). It was kind of confusing, and we actually had to Wiki it afterward to make sure we were understanding what was going on.

Smaller Clothes - I was excited to find out I could fit a size smaller at Old Navy when I accidentally picked up the wrong size jeans. I have set a goal to try and lose 9lbs by the end of the month, so my lunch looked like this today.

Cupcake Stuff - When I saw this cupcake stuff at Borders I just had to get it. My favorite is the Business Card Holder!


  1. ohhh cute finds Erica! and I bet the hair looks adorable so post pics soon!! Wha hoo for the new size jeans! You go girl :)

  2. Jennifer Hudson is gorgeous!!! Can't wait to see your new hair-- You could pull of any colour!! :)
    Oh that is amazing to fit into a smaller size!!! Go YOU!! I am trying to do the same atm and phew it is easier said than done :)

  3. i love j hud. she is such an inspiration. oh i hope the hair turns out how ya want it. gotta love something new. hhah. mm seafood! so amaazinggg. its one of the only things i eat that makes me feel good. the best food ever! good for you girl, smaller sized jeans. that feels so great! <3

  4. Can't wait to see the hair girl. I have been wanting to see Clash of the Titans but now I'm skeptical hmmmm lol

  5. j hudson is adorable!!! i just saw a recent pic. girl looks goooooood! and her hair is hot!

  6. Oh oh you caught Clash of the Titans! I watched it two days ago and was mesmerized by the black pegasus!!!

    Don't worry, I know you will look good with red hair.. as long as you don't perm it or you might end up looking like the big head red queen (Alice in wonderland)! lol.

    Have a beautiful day~


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