Friday, April 16, 2010


I am so thankful its Friday, because I am so tired of getting up at the crack of dawn to sit at a desk all day and be annoyed by people who work my nerves. This weekend I have to finally buckle down and actually start on my 100 PG paper due next month. Yes, you would think after almost 6 years of school, I would have learned my lesson and be more of an organized and pro-active student, but that’s not how I roll. I get major enjoyment out of putting things on the back burner, freaking out at the last minute and almost pulling out all my hair (it’s the little things in life).…but that’s how I get my best work done.

Also, I have to start to clean like a mad woman, because my mom and sister are coming to visit next week. For some reason whenever I get around my mother I turn into a 5 year old (okay…actually I am always a 5 year old, so maybe like 2 or 3). I love my mother dearly, but she has been blessed with the gift of making me feel like a little kid who doesn’t know anything when were together. I know while she is here she is going to “re-organize” my whole apartment, tear apart my wardrobe and stop me from making crucial shopping purchases. This is how it will play out:

Mom: “ Do you really need those black shoes, don’t you have fifty pairs just like them already in your closet?”.

Me: (in my mind) Yes, But I am getting these and I don’t care what you say

Me: (in reality) hangs head down low and puts shoes back on shelf, slowly walking away with a sad face.

Mom: “See, you’re not going to miss them at all AND you’re going to be saving money”.

Me: (in my mind) ROLLS EYES

Me (in reality) “Yes, Mother what your saying makes perfect sense, I am so glad you’re here to help me SAVE
(GROAN) my money”.

Me: (in my mind) I am totally coming back after she leaves to get those shoes.

The sad thing is I won’t come back to get the shoes, because I will feel totally guilty and concerned that my mom will jump out of the darkness like a Ninja and catch me in the act of disobeying her. (Yes, I come from a family of Ninjas and Pirates)

But we’ve been playing this game for years and even when I am old and gray and she is like a million years old, we will continue to play this game. But, I wouldn’t change anything about it. I am blessed and have a wonderful mother who if I pouted long enough would go back herself and get me whatever makes me happy.

I am also thinking the BF and I will go see “Kick-Ass” this weekend. We saw “Hot Tube Time Machine” the other day and it was really funny. Plus, they played a ton of music from Poison, and lets just say 80’s Glam Rock makes my heart swoon.

(How can you not love a man who wears more blush and lipstick than you)

Happy Weekend Everyone!!


  1. i love it! desserts! so cute happy friday love! <3

  2. hehe you always make me laugh with your posts Erica :) and you know I love that picture!! xx

  3. My mom does the same thing to me. Except over food and soda. So not fair. And once she's gone I eat. And cry. haha.

  4. LOL Desserts omg that it is such a good one!! That is certainly what I turn to in times of need ;)

  5. Whats so funny is thats exactly how it goes. I love our mom!

  6. oh my goodness this made me laugh!!! i would be thinking the SAME thing in regards to shoes! i'm a shoe lover, what can I say???
    love your blog

  7. wow!! i thought I was the only one in this big crazy makeup bloggin world that loves 80's rock bands... knowing that someone else does is a relief!! hahaha Poison... I heart them... btw, did u hear that Bret Michaels is in a critical condition since yesterday?? it's sad... I thought he was hot!! haha.. anyhoo... I love your blog! I have to follow!!!


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