Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend Recap...

That was the shortest and longest weekend all at the same time. I was working up until the last minute making sure I had everything to make the DollFace booth look awesome. To no surprise my dresses didn’t show up (and as today won’t be here until Tuesday…BOO) but I got creative and threw together something (that I actually ended up really liking).

The funny thing was I totally had that horrible prom scene occur. This girl walks in the theater and has this huge coat on, but I notice she is kind of giving me the side eye (I am like um…. I don’t know you so what’s the deal) then I walk into the lobby and realize what the side eye was all about, she was taking pictures with some people and her coat was off and guess what I see…the same damn dress I am wearing. I walked by her we looked at each other (thinking the same thing…oh no this Bitch didn’t) and I guess she got the clue that I looked better in the dress, because I never saw her again…LOL!!!

We sold a ton of stuff, meet some awesome people; I had some weird drunk lady actually grab my boob (yes, you did read that right) and some people shop lifted from me. So aside from my sexual assault and theft, the night was Awesome. I met some new vendors, got to see half naked girls dancing and pulled off another event!!

(You can see more pictures here)

We didn’t get home from Dallas until 3am, but it was worth it. We actually got invited to do some other events, but that’s going to be something I have to think about!

Surprisingly we didn’t do the movies, we were so drained I just wanted to lay in bed and watch movies. I caught up with one of my Netflix receivables “The United States of Tara”. The show is actually really funny, it was created by Diablo Cody who wrote "Juno" and "Jennifer’s Body"….and it has the sexiest man ever in it John Corbett ( aka..Aiden from Sex in the City) I think tonight we might go and see Dear John, but right now sleep is totally calling my name.

I hope everyone got to enjoy the super bowl!!

Check out some of the vendors here

Decadent Dames

Vintage Flair

You can view the complete list here


  1. You look great! I'm sure you rocked that dress 10x better than the other girl giving you the stink eye. The food looks delicious as well. Glad the weekend was a success (besides the theft and boob grabbing)

    I LOVE "The United States of Tara." My roommate rented it and made me watch it. Now I'm hooked. Clever writing and concept. Plus, the characters are all so likable.

    Have a fantastic week!

  2. Girl you look sooo cute! I love love love that dress!

  3. I don't even know what that other chick looked like in her dress but I guarantee you you rocked it better than she did!

    Someone SHOPLIFTED FROM YOU??? Like how? Stole goodies or money? OMC I'd be FUMING if I were you!! What did you do about it?

    Sounds like the event was a big hit -- congratulations! I know you put a lot of hard work into it so I'm glad it paid off :) Woohoo!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my site :)

    I ADORE your dress! Fabulous to say the least! Omg, I totally did that at a wedding, but the worst was the MOTHER OF THE BRIDE...Let's do the math- Im 24 and shes....50?! She should NOT have been wearing MY dress and everyone knew it. LOL!

  5. Glad the event went well overall. You look great girlie!

  6. That dress is hott girl!!!! Gald you had fun!!!! lol

  7. Your outfit and your booth look uber cute!! I love your positive energy too :>

  8. you are SMOKIN!!! rockin that thing like...ooh ooh ooh ooh!!!

  9. <3 you look awesomely pretty!and your stall looked amazing!xxx

  10. love the dress! she kept her coat on because you looked better in it, lol...everything looks yummy - congrats to you!

  11. Love your dress girly! Great minds think alike that's one of the dresses I wore for my photo shoot this passed weekend.

    Even that girl that showed up in the same dress has good taste lol! ( i do hate when that happens though.

    Glad everything turned out great with the event!


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