Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Lately I am getting the feeling Kindness is something people don’t express on a daily basis. I am always surprised at the amount of people who will slam a door in your face or not let you get in their lane. I have to wonder what happened to the act of being kind, why are people so quick to be rude and ugly.

The other day I had to get my oil changed and went next door to Starbucks to get some coffee while I waited. While I was there I was chatting up with the girl making my coffee having a rather fun and friendly convo. When I went to pick up my coffee, she said I made you an extra coffee so you can try how I like my version of the drink. It totally through me for a loop, why was this person being so nice and kind to me?

Walking back to the service station, my mind was still boggled as to why this girl felt the need to make my day better. When I got into the lobby I was sitting there drinking my coffee (BTW…I normally get a white chocolate mocha w/a pump of vanilla and she gave me a caramel mocha which was the BEST thing ever) and noticed this girl sitting there in the lobby with me. I explained to her what had just happened and that I was not going to be able to drink the other coffee and didn’t want to throw it away, so I offered it to her, she said “that’s the kindest thing that has happened to me all day”. We sat there and talked until our cars were done, realizing we had a ton of stuff of common and then we parted ways. I was hoping that my random act would motivate her to do something kind, just like the act from the Starbucks girl motivated me.

It’s the small things that affect people the most. I was re-oranizing my closet and had a ton of clothes I was no longer going to use and knew a lady at my office had several young daughters, so I asked her if she would like the clothes. For me I was thinking well I would rather give them to someone than dragging them to Goodwill or trashing them. But my heart totally melted when I received an email from her a few days later that said:

Hey Maaaaaaaaaaa'm:

Erica, I just wanted you to know how happy you have made me for you to think of me and be willing to give Macey and I your clothes that you no longer need. I want you to always know that from the time I started employment here that I have always thought you were just the sweetest. Now I know my gut told me right about you. I am so grateful Erica to have you as a friend. Macey has told me to let you know she is very appreciative and she can't wait to see the clothes. She will have to fight me I know over a few of them. I know you are probably thinking, (OMG, they are used clothes, it's not like the crazy woman was given a free gift cert. to Neiman Marcus or something), but you don't understand, I only shop at pretty much resale shops and I get my clothes used and at knock out prices. Most of the clothes I purchase for myself are yes, from resale shops but these shops only accept very limited designer name brand clothing and they are barely worn. It is absolutely amazing what I spend on some of the outfits I buy. You would die.

Anyway, and also thank you for not only giving us the clothes but coming to bring them all the way over to my house Sat.

Thank you so much!!



  1. What a heartwarming post! Love it! I love that 'day of kindness' that you had, and especially as it was totally unexpected and out the blue. And that you felt the urge to 'pass on the kindness'... that is so sweet of you! You seem so lovely!
    Now I am not as shy as I once was, I try and compliment people at work on their outfits every so often and it always gives me a buzz when they get all happy because of it! Even if it just makes them smile, it's worth risking sounding dorky :)

  2. I cannot agree with you more!!! I am a huge fan of kindness and courtesy. I think we should start a worldwide courtesy campaign. Its scary how many people I encounter that don't even use please and thank you. I am a firm believer of radiating kindness and love to everyone I encounter. I never want to be the person that puts another person in a bad mood. I would much rather be the person that makes someones day a little better and a little brighter. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK GIRLY!!!!

  3. This post makes me so happy! I work in a restaurant, one of my favorite things to do is compliment guests. I love seeing the delight on their faces when they hear kind words from a stranger, it's lovely! Even just helping a coworker bus off a table makes a big difference. :)

  4. AWESOME blog post. I have noticed a lack of kindness too. You have inspired me for sure. Great GREAT post.

  5. yeah, kindness definitely works. Few people practice it enough, so people are genuinely impressed when they see it in you.

    however, i'm not going to Starbucks for anything. NUH UH.

  6. Kindness is the one of the major features I love in someone. Girl your blessings are multiplied, God sees your love for others and your courage to help them also, your reward has placed a hearty smile on the faces of others and the angels are rejoicing because there is truly humanity left in some of us on this Earth. Keep up the terrific personality you have.

  7. I love this entry. Nicely done, lady. :)

  8. Great post! I often wonder what has happened to humanit as well. Why are we in such a rush to be mean to each other. Floors me!

    I will make sure to be kind to someone everday!

  9. I absolutely LOVE this post! It warmed my heart and I'm tearing. :') I've always thought that the world would be such a wonderful place to live in if everyone shows a little love and kindness everywhere we go. I guess my soul purpose is to bring more love, hope and peace to earth.. you're doing exactly that too! Spread the love~~~

    By the way, about the Legion. My friend and I actually had to cover our mouth to stop ourselves from giggling too loud when the 'spider granny' and 'ice cream man' appeared (supposedly the 'scariest' part of the movie but we found them funny). Lol.


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