Thursday, February 18, 2010

The "After Glo"...

My birthday is tomorrow (WOOT…WOOT) and I am super excited. Not that every other day is not based around me (LOL), this one the BF doesn’t have an issue with. As much as I wanted to go to Vegas, I was not quite ready to make the plane ride. The trip is not off; just under construction shall we say. This means spending my big day local. I am still off for the next 4 days, so I am going to try and convince the BF to take me to San Antonio. I’ve always wanted to go to the Madame Tussauds’ wax museum, plus there is a Sanrio store up there (so I can get my Hello Kitty on!!) but just being off work for a 4-days is a gift in it self!!!!!

(My new Hello Kitty ring...makes me feel so Gangsta!!)

In weight loss news (I’ve been bad on the updating, blame it on my A.D.D) the BF is kicking my butt in that game. Every week he has been losing 3-4 pounds where I am happy to be down 1 every two weeks (but I am not going to lie, I cheat…LOL, I am just waiting for the day I am caught in a skanky hotel having a tryst with a loaf of French bread and a stick of butter) As long as my clothes fit better I still feel like I am meeting my goals.

I also got a ton of stuff from Mark over the last two days and have been pleasantly surprised. I am not keen on the packaging, as all of their stuff is meant to be customized in these palettes you can purchase, but the colors and quality seem cool. I did order two of the same things by accident (which I tend to do …slap on the hand) so I have another freebie to giveaway! Well not so much of as a giveaway, as more of a first person to send me an email or leave a comment to say they want it, it’s theirs!! It’s a blush called “After Glo” and the word on the makeup block is it is a pretty good dupe for NARS’ "Orgasm". Now, I’ve gone to Sephora and stared (and stared) at "Orgasm" (trying to convince myself its okay to spend $26.00 on blush), and it looks pretty close to me.

On a random note, last weekend I saw the “We are the World” video. I knew it was going to be a hot mess when Justin Beiber started the song out. Then 30 minutes later both T-Pain and Lil Wayne show up with their voicecoders…really people. I think I have to agree with Jay-Z, this was a remake that didn’t need to be done. Sometimes, people should just leave well enough alone (hint..hint…people who got the approval to redo the "Karate Kid")

Before I go, I wanted to THANK everyone who left such nice comments on my Valentines posts, it always makes my day to read your comments.


  1. I love your HK rings!:D

    Hop you get some lovely birthday gifts and can't wait for you to blog about it! x

  2. lmao I couldn't agree more about the karate kid and we are the world!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR TOMORROW!! I hope you have an amazing day and get lots of presents ;)
    I loveee your HK rings.

  3. Girl give me that MARK Stuff!!! lol!!!!!

  4. thanks for stopping by my blog!! don't be a stranger!!

  5. I'm celebrating my birthday tomorrow too, except I'll be turning 37.

    I went to the wax museum/Ripley's back in 2006...its definitely worth seeing.

  6. Those Hello Kitty rings are them...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU Tomorrow sweetie, I know you'll have a terrific one.

  7. happy early berfday lady! don't delay your vegas trip too long. it's so worth the plane ride.

    heart your new HK rings. super cute.

  8. Happy Birthday you Beauty - have a fabulous day! I want, want, want your rings!

  9. Happy Birthday girlie... enjoy it to the fullest!

    I love Afterglo Blush and your rings are sooooooo cute! :)

  10. Thanks for the blush tip - I always hear such great stuff about the Nars Orgasm, but yeah...I'm not going to spend $24 on blush. I might give it a try!

  11. Happy birthday! You and your guy are looking fabulous by the way.

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GIRL! I hope your bf gets you tons and tons of Hello Kitty stuffs. Be back with more PHOTOS pls!

  13. I know that yesterday was official your B-Day but I wanted to say Happy Birthday anyway. Hope it went very well for you. You seem to be a very fun girl. So I would like for you to stop by and comment on my post "What would you do if you had no limits?" You would probably be the next Martha Stewart :)

  14. nice blog! :D I LIKE IT

    Follow my blog and I follow your blog:

    i`m happy if you follow me toooo with bloglovin ;)

    nice weekend & kisssssss from germany ;*)

  15. those hello kitty rings are brilliant! i love the glasses!

    Happy Birthday!

  16. OK (slightly) belated Birthday, I mean Happy Birthday.
    Hope you had a nice time.


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