Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Weekend Recap...

Last weekend the BF took me out to dinner and to see the Princess and the Frog. Dinner was awful, the food was digesting and the hostess was so RUDE. I’ve noticed here in Austin that food service workers are horrible. A lot of the “homegrown” restaurants have some of the worst staff working there, and it seems acceptable. Being a very outspoken person I’ve had to bite my tongue many of times due to bad service. At the particular restaurant we went to the hostess had they worse attitude ever. I don’t get it, I am the person who is going to tip you and you want to be ugly and rude. I am not a fan of my job either, but I can at least fake a smile.

Despite the horrible dinner experience, the movie was EXCELLENT!!! I loved everything about it, the story, characters and music.

Now I am trying to convince the BF to take me to the Big Easy for my birthday (or maybe after, because my birthday is in February and I don’t think me and Mardi Gras would be a good match…. I’ve watched way to many episodes of Cops during Mardi Gras)

I saw these the other day on Etsy and I think I need them!!

(Check out the seller Beepart)

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  1. ooo those wall decals are sexy! love them!

  2. those decals rock! I love them! And girl we have nasty attitude chickies and dudes in the food joints down here too. Seems they think we owe them. WHATEVER!!! They get on my nerves. I am polite in person bt always send strongly worded letters. My pink hair is remembered and i dont want spit in my food!LOL

  3. Just don't tip. If someone isn't doing they're job right they shouldn't be rewarded with extra money. I know we've left several places due to my husband not being able to stand rude people. He's very blunt as well. Not so good at biting his tongue though.

  4. So funny you mention that... I got bad service on my birthday last week! It's like people forget that you are paying them for a service... No tip is just going to be handed to you. You have to work for it. Give over and above the kind of treatment you would want or expect a money-less table. Their choice, no?


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