Thursday, December 17, 2009


Its getting close to the end of the year, which means its time to make that dreaded list of Resolutions for 2010. Every year I get motivated until about February when I just get lazy. I am getting older and which only means less time on this earth, so this year I am going to force myself to stick, commit and do this darn resolutions. So my top ten list of resolutions for 2010.

1. Learn to Sew

2. Make a new girl friend who actually lives in Austin

3. Take a photography class and really learn how to use my DSLR camera (So I can take cool pictures like this from Miss Missy)

4. Go to Vegas

5. Attend Culinary School

6. Get my I Bleed Pink website completed

7. Graduate Grad School (only 2 more classes…Hip Hip Hoorah!!)

8. Lose 20lbs (and get off my buttered popcorn and cherry limeade diet)

9. Be as happy in my work life as I am in my personal life!

(This is the AWESOME jacket I bought Loco)

10. Stop letting the small things bother me, there are bigger issues in life and dumb people should not be on the top of my list.

But for right now my resolution is to go and get me one of these…YUM-O!!

(Starbucks Shaken Ice-Tea Lemonade w/ Passion Tea)


  1. so you forgot to add "get rhianna's new haircut.." just kidding. this is a good list.

  2. HAHAHA!! Look at him in that little jacket!! Love it :) Great resolutions, too. I should probably make (and think about keeping) some of my own.

  3. This is a pretty good list and I think you can accomplish them all. Especially once you finish up those last two classes and have more time on your hands. Loco looks too cute.

  4. love this post, i need to make one.

  5. great list! I have tons of resolutions as well that I was thinking of posting on my blog...I can't wait for the new year and a fresh start :) far as my'm only 4'11...5 feet tall on a good day! lol :)


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