Tuesday, December 8, 2009


In the spirit of Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza,Chrismukkas and Festivus I want to give some goods away!! Since I love Hello Kitty so very much, I’ve made the prizes packed full of Sanrio Surprises.

So what’s up for grabs?

1. Choco Cat Shower Curtain

2. Badtz Maru Writing Paper ( so you can write me a lovely Thank-you letter)

3. PandaApple Messenger Bag

4. Hello Kitty Cell phone Case

5. Hello Kitty Jewelry Box

And the best for last....

6. Hello Kitty Crystal Anklet (sorry for the lousy picture, its way cuter in person)

To enter be a follower and leave me your answer to this question

What would you do if you saw Grandma kissing Santa?

On December 23, 2009 I will pick a random winner. Also, feel free to share the word. I am super excited about this give-away, so GOOD LUCK!!


  1. Your Sanrio stuff is so cute!! I feel kinda greedy commenting on this giveaway since I'm currently enjoying my most recent winnings from you but I can't help myself so I'll go ahead anyway ;)

    What would I do if I saw grandma kissing Santa? Heck, I'd just be glad she didn't get run over by one of his reindeer!!

  2. LOL - Yeah Hello Kitty!

    I would think BONUS if i saw Grandma kissing Santa & scheme about all the things i could get from him...or ELSE i tell (The World) Wa ha ha - "evil laugh"

  3. What a cute giveaway!
    I would scream like Phoebe from Friends: "MY EYES!! OH MY EYES!!!"
    Thanks for this super fun giveaway ^^
    Happy Holidays!!!

  4. LOL @ The question.

    I would say Grandma get your groove on cause u sure were a bad ole lady this year.

  5. If I saw grandma kissing Santa, I would blackmail them both into giving me two Christmases a year/ everything I want!! Or else I'll tell Mrs. Clause Mwahahaha!

  6. OOO such awesome stuff! I want to enter because I love it all. If I saw grandma kissing Santa I'd be pretty confused and then slowly back out of the room. I'd probly have nightmares about it for the rest of my life. Then finally tell my dad and he would go on some sort of macho rampage. ha. My birthday is on December 23rd fyi. Ha that probly lessens my chances of actually winning.

  7. Oooh I love hello kitty!

    If I saw grandma kissing Santa Claus I'd take a photo and tweetpic it along with "Who woulda known Santa was real" lol

  8. What an great giveaway!

    I wouldn't be surprise, my granny is FIERCE. I'd ask her 'Since Santa is your boo, do you think you could get him to hook me up with an iTouch?'

  9. I love Hello Kitty! Great giveaway!

    I'd probably think "Go Grandma!" Who doesn't at one point or another fantasize about having a thing with a famous person?!


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