Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Thought of the Day...

The other day I was talking to my sister about some new movies coming out and we got talking about the movie “The Notebook”, we realized that we must be the only two people in the world who had not seen this movie.

I added it to my Netflix que and it arrived last night. So, after watching it I wanted to “Punch myself in the face, for taking so long to watch this movie”!!! Simply said it was a wonderful love story, plus Rachel McAdams’ character had the best freaking wardrobe ever (I don’t know if I drooled more over the actual story or the dresses she wore).

I think its nice to step out of reality sometimes and watch those sappy loves stories (which I will openly admit made me tear up a bit).

After watching movies like this I always question if LOVE like that really exists. Now I am not saying I don’t live an amazing Love Story everyday, but honestly, I don’t know if could say I would be hanging around for 7 years waiting for the same person, to “Hopefully” be part of my life. What happens after the credits roll, what exactly does “Happily Ever After” mean. How come we never see the fairytales the next day, what’s going on with Cinderella and Prince Charming 5 years later? In the real world we all go through that Love and Heartbreak stage, and thinking I must throw myself off a bridge, because we are no longer together, but as the weeks and months past, you move on and if your lucky you find someone else to heal your heart.

I guess that what movies and fiction (AKA. Twilight) are for, to allow us to escape to a new reality for 90 minutes. Which leads me to my excitement to see the new Disney movie this weekend “The Frog Princess”. I am a total kid at heart and love Disney movies (I think I’ve seen “A Bugs Life” a million times), so I am stoked to see this, especially since it’s the release of Disney’s first African American Princess

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  1. I love the notebook. Glad you finally got around to checking it out. That movie is all about love.

  2. it has come on Oxygen a gazillion times and I never watch it. I sooo got to get on the ball with this movie I heard great things about it to!

  3. yes the notebook is amazing. how can anyone not like it? and the 2 leads totally dated in real life forever too and i like that guy a lot because he is so unconventionally hot. re: princess frog, i think we may try to take K to that as her 1st movie! i hope it's good.

  4. The Notebook is one of my absolute favorite movies. I am so glad you got to watch it!!!


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