Friday, December 3, 2010


Sometimes writing something out can ease a lot of frustration. After putting it out there that I was having a rough day things actually started to look up. In class we made a TON of bread and at this point I can’t even move. Bread truly is my weakness and when its hot and fresh and slathered with Nutella I become SHAMELESS….

In wedding news, I am so excited we are going to be doing engagement photos in a few weeks. The cool thing is the person shooting is Miss Amy, a fellow blogger. I started reading her blog, because she seems like the sweetest most down to earth person who shoots some bad ass photos, plus I thought it was cool she lives close to my own hometown.

(This photo is so sweet to can see more here)

Well when I knew I would be making a visit in a few weeks I immediately contacted her (thank you TWITTER) and TA-DA….were about to make some MAGIC!!  I can’t wait to meet her and have her shoot us… make time to check out her blog. I promise you will like her as much as I do!!

I have class on Saturday…yes, on Saturday and its pretty much all day, so my weekend will be a short one.  I want to see this movie...

I really like Natalie Portman as an actress and the plot seems really different.  I heard its a limited release this weekend,so we will see.  Last weekend we saw that new movie with Ann Hathaway, "Love and other Drugs".  It was okay, she pretty much naked the whole movie.  So its a chick flick that your dude won't have an issue sitting through...LOL!

I also think my mouth needs to be involved with this....

(White Chocolate Mocha w/ Caramel in the coffee and on the whipped cream...SO GOOD!!)

Everyone have a great weekend and stay warm, its getting cold out there!!


  1. can't wait to see your engagement photos:)so glad your week got better:)

  2. Im soooo excited for you wedding news! I love weddings! Starting next week, all week My post will be dedicated to weddings, Check it out!

  3. Loving this post! And, I'm so happy that you got to connect with someone through blogger! Exciting! Hope your weekend is FAB!


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