Thursday, December 16, 2010

Its Thursday Time....

(Please excuse my bushy eyebrows, I am trying to let them grow to even ya, I kind look like a cave man right now!)

It’s Thursday, my weekend is getting closer and closer, I can see the light of day on my Holiday Vacation, and guess what….I AM GETTING SICK. Just my luck I am slowly feeling the signs of sickness upon me, it started off with sneezing, but now my throat is getting sore and I am coughing. I hope this thing passes really quickly, because the last thing I want to be is sick.

To make myself feel better I have been looking at wedding dresses. In the beginning I was really stuck on the idea of the boy not seeing the dress I picked out, but the thought of me being able to keep a whole secret for almost a year, makes me fall out laughing…so at this point he will most likely see whatever I get…Oh well. But right now these are the dresses I am falling head over heels for. (Only if I could get married once a month…LOL)

Also something to make you giggle...In class the other night one of your projects was to draw out something then later we would putting it together with Salt Dough (basically homemade playdough).  I have the worse drawaing skills, but have mastered stick people to their finest.

 So this is what I drew.....

(Laugh...Laugh...I know!!)

This is how it came out...

(You know I had to make sure she had plenty of blush on...LOL!)


  1. I hope you feel better!
    I love dress 3 and 4.

  2. Oh no I am getting sick too I think. However, I adore your dress pics!! So gorg and perfect for you. I think I have seen dress 4 on a bride recently, very pretty. But I think I love the first one the best. Then again, you never know until you try em all on :) XO

  3. awww! The cake is too cute. And I just love your dress choices! Gosh, it's rare that I see I dress that I would wear for my own wedding but you've got some pretty great choices! I know you'll be beautiful!

  4. ooh i'm liking the dresses so far. hurry up and pick one so i can see!

  5. love that first dress so much!!!

    Perfect amount of blush ;)


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